What is the difference between TFT and LCD

The short name of TFT: Thin Film Transistor in Chinese. What is the difference between TFT and LCD? Our laptops and desktops now use relatively advanced TFT displays, which consist of LCD pixels and are powered by thin-film transistors integrated behind the pixels. Therefore, the TFT type display screen also belongs to a class of display devices with a source matrix.

TFT type display screen is currently a better LCD color display, TFT type display has many advantages: high responsiveness, high brightness, high contrast, and so on.TFT displays are closest to CRT displays. The TFT screen also often appears on the screen of each big mobile phone, there are 65536 colors, 160,000 colors, 16 million colors three, its display effect is also very good.

TFT means that every LCD pixel on an LCD is driven by a thin-film transistor integrated behind it. Thus can achieve high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information, TFT-LCD(thin-film transistor liquid crystal display) is one of the majority of LIQUID crystal displays.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The structure of the LCD is placed in the middle of the two pieces of parallel glass liquid crystal box, the substrate glass set on TFT (thin-film transistor), set the color filter substrate glass on, on the TFT signal, and the voltage change to control the rotation direction of the liquid crystal molecules, so as to achieve control of each pixel display emergent polarized light or not and to achieve. Now THAT LCD has replaced CRT as the mainstream, the price has dropped a lot and become widely available.

One, LCD screen and TFT screen which good.

1. TFT is a kind of LCD

The TFT(Thin Film Field-effect Transistor) is a video in which every single pixel in the liquid crystal display is actuated by a Thin Film Transistor embedded in the rear. Thus can achieve high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information.

One DOT DOT = three RGB pixels.

Now we see the TN panel is improved more TN + film, film or compensation film, used to make up for the inadequacy of TN panel viewing angles, the improvement of TN, the visual Angle of the panel up to 160 °, of course, this is the manufacturer in contrast to 10:1 case of limit, actually fall in contrast to 100-1 when the image has been distorted or even partial color.

Color screens of mobile phones vary depending on LCD quality and research and development technology. The types of color screens include STN (CSTN), TFT(LTPS), TFD, UFB, and OLED.

2. The difference between TFT and LCD

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Generally divided into monochrome and color LCD two kinds, the current monochrome LCD has almost out of the notebook computer market, and color LCD still continues to develop. The color LCD can be divided into two types: STN and TFT. The TFT(Thin Film Transistorized)LCD, also known as the active transistorized Transistor LIQUID crystal display (LCD), is the true-color LIQUID crystal display that many people describe as the Thin Film Transistor.DSTN (Dual Scan Twisted Nematic)LCD, namely double scan LIQUID crystal display. It is a display mode of STN LCD, which is no longer on the market.

What is the difference between TFT and LCD? Read here I believe you have a general understanding and cognition of TFT and LCD, LCD refers to liquid crystal display, TFT is a kind of LCD. The former is for laptops and the latter is for desktop computers. There are several different technologies for LCD, FED, PDP, OLED, TFT-LCD, they are all LCD. Only the desktop with several fronts more, lower cost, TFT technology cost is higher, generally used for notebook, or MOTO, etc., now most of the display is TFT type display, I believe we will pay more attention to the choice and purchase of digital goods.

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