What is An IPS Monitor

There are lots of people who are still confused about the various display types that are present in the market.

If you are searching for various displays and screens, then you found the term “IPS” many times. But did you know that what is an IPS monitor displays?

IPS stands for In panel switching, which is the subpart of LED displays. ( LEDs are the upgraded versions of LEDs )

Although there are two more types of displays are available, is TN panels and VA panel displays. Both types of displays are cheaper as compared to IPS panel displays because of low picture quality.

Comparing all three types of displays side by side, you can easily get an idea that IPS panel displays deliver the best picture quality as compared to VA panel displays and TN panel displays.

But the twist is, IPS panel displays do not come with higher refresh rates. Although IPS panel displays are the best displays for day-to-day tasks, if you are willing to purchase any display for gaming purpose, then having a TN panel display are great.

What are the Advantages of Using IPS Panel displays?

There are lots of advantages of using IPS panel displays. Such As

  1. Wider Viewing Angles.
  2. Better colors and contrast ratio.
  3. Fast Response rate.
  4. Best use for professionals.

IPS panel displays are widely known for accurate colors and contrast ratios. But there are some drawbacks too. IPS Displays consume more electricity as compared to TN panels and VA panels.

Also, they are more expensive as compared to other types of displays.

IPS Monitor Technology

IPS monitors are based on Panel technologies, Whereas LCDs are based on Backlight Technologies.

These technologies are very different from each other. Before 2014, Backlight technologies are very popular in usage.

But now, it was a kind of outdated technology. People prefer more to use Panel technology because IPS panels produce more screen brightness and consume lesser energy.

So overall, the Efficiency of the IPS monitor is very high.

Most Common Features Of IPS Panel Displays

Let us discuss some various aspects of IPS panel displays in detail.

Response rate –  Response rate means how quickly your screen response to the request. It is measured in milliseconds (ms). If you have any outdated screen or pc monitor then you must familiar with screen ghosting issues in which you can see some delay in response.

It seems that 5-7ms is very fast, but while playing games like CSGO, Fortnite, and Pubg, you can easily notice a very small lag.

This is very common because IPS monitors process the image completely before showing it over the screen.

But technology is evolving exponentially. Now monitor comes with all types of features. They have a faster 144hz refresh rate, are budget-friendly, and have proper good viewing angles.

Image Quality – LEDs with IPS technology deliver a very crisp and clear image with accurate contrast. This will deliver a better image and a very satisfying user experience

Heat – There is no doubt that IPS monitors consume more energy as compared to VA panels and TN panel displays. So extra power consumption means, it will produce some more heat.

But still, LED monitors to consume much lesser energy as compared to LCD or outdated boxed monitors.

Drawbacks Of IPS Monitors

Everything has its pros and cons.

And hence IPS monitor has also. There are a few drawbacks to the IPS monitor. But the main is Motion blur.

Motion blur is a character of the screen in which images start appearing blurry or they have a very long trail behind them. This is caused because the IPS monitor has a high response rate.

Bottom Line

IPS monitor supports 178-degree viewing angles ( horizontal and vertical both ).

Generally, people who have more professional work such as Video Editing, Audio mixing, AutoCAD will prefer to choose the IPS monitors.

IPS monitors are also the best choice for those who use their setup for general usage.

Apart from this, IPS monitors are the best for graphical gaming, creating content online, or editing videos.

So, what type of monitor are you using right now? Are you going to upgrade your monitor to IPS one? Let me know in the comment section.

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