Touch Screen TFT LCD Display Module for Energy Project

With the rapid development of the power grid-scale, the real-time monitoring of the power environment and the monitoring behavior to ensure the normal operation of power are also extremely important. These behaviors are inseparable from the human and machine touch display of interaction.

The power monitoring system is currently divided into two parts:

First: display interface monitoring data

Through the collection of various sensors and induction devices, temperature, humidity, smoke, voltage, and other data of the operating environment on the TFT LCD display screen, the power use environment is judged.

Second: interactive display to achieve linkage control

Through the data collection in the first part, the information is sent and the linkage of the corresponding hardware facilities such as water pump and air conditioner is realized to adjust the electric power use environment in the man-machine interactive display screen interface.


Power environment has requirements for system hardware:

  1. High performance, 24-hour stable and uninterrupted operation;
  2. Rich ports, able to collect all kinds of data through rich ports;
  3. Able to operate in a harsh environment, high temperature, and high humidity;


STONE product configuration:

  • CPU: CortexM4 high-performance processor;
  • Refresh Rate :200MHZ
  • Flash Memory:Standard 128MB, Extension 1GB;
  • Backlight Type:LED;
  • Voltage Range:DC6.0V ~ 35V (typical value: 12V);
  • Interface:RS232/ USB

STONE display module:

adopt high strength aluminum alloy, airtight, stable, good anti-interference performance, low power consumption, passive heat dissipation, high and low-temperature resistance, usually less maintenance, reduce maintenance cost.


STONE technology:

Beijing STONE Technology is a leading manufacturer of TFT LCD display modules (HMI). Provides control and visualization operations between humans and systems, machines, or equipment. We have experienced researchers to provide effective and first-class design software that is easy to operate and control.

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