How has touch-screen technology changed the face of HMI

The touch screen technology of HMI is closely related to everyone’s life. Many people confirm that their first contact at the beginning of the day is with their touch-screen device, and then with their spouse or children, which shows the ubiquity of touch screen technology in everyday life.

This pattern of behavior can be partly attributed to several features of consumers’ favorite touch-screen technology:

Easy to operate

  • Fast interaction
  • More intuitive
  • Interactive experiences


There is huge potential for innovation in LCD touch-screen technology, which senses in ways that go far beyond distance, force, and gestures. These developments will not only improve the touch-screen experience but also change the way we live and interact with people.

Understanding of which devices and applications touch-screen technology will most enhance vary from region to region.

For example, Chinese consumers believe that games and the stylus are the most positively affected apps. South Korean consumers, on the other hand, say photos, videos, and E-mail are the applications that benefit most from the touch-screen technology.

  1. Many consumers stress that display resolution is an important factor in touch-screen technology
  2. Visibility in sunlight is considered the second most important factor in LCD displays
  3. Durability is a secondary consideration


When it comes to touch-screen hardware, data shows that consumers are most concerned, respectively

  • You cannot operate equipment with gloves
  • Slow screen response
  • It could be scratched by the screen

According to customer demand analysis, the most attractive aspects of innovation are:

  • Change the size of the button
  • Touch with many gestures

As touch-screen technology advances, we will further simplify STONE‘s HMI and user experience. STONE’s design team has always focused on and studied user behavior, requirements, and issues, putting the user at the center of the design.

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