The World’s Largest Production Base of Flexible Folding Screen Glass Substrate with A Total Investment of 6 Billion to Start Construction

Core tip: The flexible folding screen glass substrate base, which is a global leader in scale and technology, is located in Nantong. 29 June morning, a total investment of 6 billion yuan in the flexible folding screen glass substrate project in the Su Xitong Science and Technology Industrial Park held a groundbreaking ceremony.

As the world’s leading supplier of integrated solutions for a flexible folding screen glass substrate, Jiangsu SuCushi Technology Co. The company signed a contract with Su Xitong Park last year to build a flexible folding screen glass substrate project, and the prototype was successfully produced in the same year, becoming a major project in Jiangsu Province. The flexible folding screen glass substrate is the core substrate for the production of fully flexible display and fully flexible sensors, which will be gradually used in various intelligent fields such as smart life, smart wear, smart travel, smart education, and smart office.

The first phase of the project, with an investment of 3.7 billion yuan, is planned to build 16 new standard production lines of the flexible folding screen glass substrate and is expected to be completed and put into production in October 2022. The overall project is expected to have an annual output of 50 million pieces of the flexible folding screen glass substrate and an annual output value of 10 billion yuan, which will become one of the world’s largest flexible folding screen glass substrate R&D and manufacturing bases.

The groundbreaking and start-up of the SuCushi project is not only a vivid practice of Party history learning and education in Su Xitong Park but also opens a new chapter of the development of the electronic information industry in the park and adds powerful dynamic energy for the high-quality development of the park. Wang Kai, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the park, said that he would adhere to the service concept of enterprise first, give full play to the effectiveness of the service brand of “Su Xitong, comfortable to do”, fully help enterprises to solve the practical problems in the process of project construction, production and operation, and fully escort for the early completion, early production and early profitability of enterprises.

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