The LCD Display Underfloor Heating Controller Selects the Notes

Introduction to the underfloor heating Controller

LCD display underfloor heating controller is an important component of floor heating. Therefore, when installing a floor heating controller, you should be careful in this aspect. Only in this way can the effect be better in the use of floor heating. And what are the modes of the floor heating thermostat and what is the principle of the floor heating controller?

A. The underfloor heating controller selects the notes

1. Because there is a cold hot wire connection joint in the heating cable, whether welded or pressed, it must ensure long-term reliability under the conditions of high temperature, oxidation, and corrosion. Because too much current (overcurrent) cold hot connector may cause overcurrent risk.

2. The controller chooses precautions because the allowable fluctuation value of 220V AC voltage is 10% %, and because of the cable aging and the power of electrical equipment and heating element, the maximum load power of the thermostat should be greater than 20% of the power of heating element due to the technical deviation of the current of the thermostat.

3. The underfloor heating controller chooses the power of the electrical heater below 2816W and can use the thermostat with a current of 16A. The power of the electric heater is between 2816W and 3520W. The temperature controller with a current of 20A should be selected. For example 16A current temperature controller: rated voltage 220V, retaining 20% safety factor. So you have to be careful about this when you choose.


B. what mode does floor heating thermostat have

1. Manual mode means manually adjusting the room temperature of the thermostat. If it’s high, you can lower it manually. If the temperature is too low, increase the room temperature. The temperature controller controls floor heating when the sensor that detects room temperature senses that the room temperature is lower than the temperature set by the user. If the sensor detects that the room temperature is greater than the user’s set temperature, the temperature controller controls the floor heating system to stop heating.

2. automatic mode, automatic mode oh different times control room temperature. Then the control temperature is mainly determined by the floor heating control system programming. The automatic mode sets the temperature for each time period, as well as the temperature for each mode, such as low-temperature mode and normal mode. In addition to the high-temperature mode, the thermostat also records the temperature of each mode in the system. The temperature in the control room is the same as that in the manual control room. So the floor heating thermostat of this model will be popular.


C. What is the principle of floor heating controller

1. actually floor heating temperature controller is basically divided into the mechanical type and electronic type two kinds. Among them, the electronic type has a LIQUID crystal display (LCD’s electronic thermostats have some programmable functions) and no LIQUID crystal display. Mechanical thermostat, with bimetal or metal bellows inside, adjusts the ambient temperature according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of the object, heating, or cooling at a set temperature (see heater connection) still cooler).

2. In electronics, the thermistor detects the ambient temperature and controls the operation or stopping of the connected heater or cooler by relays.

What notes does the floor heating controller select? And what are the modes of the floor heating thermostat and what is the principle of the floor heating controller? I’d like to introduce the Lcd display Underfloor heating controller and so on.

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