The Benefits of Looking for Chinese TFT LCD manufacturers

In this article, we are looking at the benefits of looking for Chinese TFT LCD manufacturers. Instead of resorting to other manufacturing means, opting for the Chinese is a much wiser and lucrative choice. If you are looking for Chinese LCD manufacturers, you should start with STONE Tech.

There is no doubt that China has taken the mass manufacturing business by storm. There are few products that we can encounter in our lives that don’t have the words ‘Made in China’ scribbled underneath. There is a glut of products that are mass-manufactured by the Chinese and then shipped out internationally to be sold.

Handbags, wallets, phone cases, and other similar items have become the favorites of wholesalers and bulk buyers. These products are directly sold to end consumers. However, the fascinating thing about the Chinese production and manufacturing business is that it does not only cover the end-consumer products. Rather, you can also acquire raw and basic materials needed for the further manufacturing of goods and products. One such product is LCD displays.

LCD displays have become something of a necessity in today’s world of tech advancement. Many things in our daily life have been automated, and are operated using an interactive user interface. For these kinds of machines and gadgets, LCD displays are typically necessary.

In this article, we are looking at the benefits of looking for Chinese LCD manufacturers. Instead of resorting to other manufacturing means, opting for the Chinese is a much wiser and lucrative choice. If you are looking for Chinese LCD manufacturers, you should start with

STONE Tech is an LCD manufacturer located in Beijing, China. It was founded back in 2010, and it has been developing TFT LCD display modules ever since. These modules can be used for a variety of different machines including electric equipment, precision instruments, and civil electronics etcetera.

One of the main benefits that you get with is that there is a wide range of diverse products that you can purchase. For example, there are three different application types that you can choose from which include the Industrial Type, Advanced Type, and Civil Type. Similarly, there is a range of different sizes that you can choose from. There are 11 different sizes that you can buy, ranging from the smallest 3.5-inch display to the large 15.1-inch one. The same goes for the Android series which where you can choose between 4.5-inch and 31.5-inch displays.

However, you will have to see if the size you are looking for is available in all three types or not.

The Benefits of Chinese LCD Manufacturers

Here are the benefits that you can enjoy when buying from Chinese TFT LCD manufacturers.

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Reduced Costs

This is probably the biggest advantage that you can get when working with manufacturers from China. It can even be assumed that this is probably the biggest reason why the Asian country is at the forefront of the mass manufacturing business.

When you are going to be ordering in bulk, you need to save up on costs as much as you can. The more you save up, the more profit you can make when reselling. Furthermore, lower costs can allow you to set lower prices when selling. This can attract more customers and your sales can increase.

In the initial period of your business, you want to build trust with your customers and give them more value than they expect. The best way you can achieve this is by making your products available for less than the average price. And this can only be done if you are saving up on costs yourself.

The same applies to LCD displays. When you save up on costs when buying LCD displays, you can set a lower price for the whole machine or gadget that you are producing.

You can check out the STONE online store by clicking here.

Support for smaller brands

This is a very useful benefit for small start-up companies. Generally, manufacturers in the USA are not going to be very willing to work with you unless you are a big company or unless you have a large recognition and following. Due to this, smaller companies can have trouble getting their demands heard. However, the refusal of suppliers to do so is not unjustified. Smaller companies are going to start off with smaller orders. Small orders are not very lucrative and beneficial for suppliers. The larger the order, the more convenient it will be for the manufacturer.

However, with Chinese manufacturers, this problem is minimized. The Chinese often don’t care how big a brand you are and what recognition your company has. As long as you meet the minimum order requirements, you can get your products easily. This is highly advantageous for smaller companies. Due to this, smaller firms can get started and kick off their business.

When it comes to LCD modules, the orders are not received by the hundreds or thousands as is the case with other smaller products such as handbags and wallets etcetera. One module can cost around $250, and it is for this reason that the dynamics are a little different with this business. That is why STONE offers single pieces for sale as well as multiple pieces. This encourages smaller businesses to make their purchases since they can easily purchase as many modules as they like. As long as you meet the limit stated by the supplier, you are good to go.

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Fast Production

Typically, when you are paying less, you can have the expectation that the quality might not be good or the time taken may be too long. However, when you are buying from the Chinese, you don’t have to face any of these problems. While you are paying less, you can get satisfactory quality and even the production time is cut down.

The factories in China have more machines and workers working simultaneously. This means that you can get bigger orders more quickly. For example, if you are getting 10 units from a domestic supplier in 4 days, you will be able to get 12 units from a Chinese supplier in just 3 days. That means that the production rate is increased, and the time taken is also cut short. This is merely an example to show that both aspects of production are enhanced when you do business with the Chinese.

Expansion Options

Another great benefit of getting production done in China is the option for expansion. What that means is that while you can transport your merchandise to your home country, you also have the option of making them available in China. Instead of only bringing the goods back home to resell, you can set up a business that makes your merchandise available for sale in China as well.

In the case of LCD modules, this benefit relates to a reselling business. For example, if you are planning on buying some modules to use in your machines etcetera, then there is not a very suitable opportunity for you to expand. If you want to start a business in another country, you will have to open a manufacturing unit there so that your products can be produced and then get sold. Or, you will have to transport your final products to the other country in order to run your business.

However, if you are buying the LCD modules to resale at a profit, you can use the Chinese markets to grow your business. You can buy the modules at a reduced price and then sell them at a profit in a different area or city where the people will be willing to pay more.

Benefits of choosing STONE for buying LCD Modules

Now that we have seen the benefits of choosing Chinese manufacturers for LCD modules, let us narrow it down a bit and look at why you should choose STONE specifically.

Variety of Products

With STONE, you get the option of buying a range of different-sized modules. If your business deals in making different electronics and machines that require panels of different sizes, you don’t have to look at multiple suppliers to fulfill your need. You could be making some products that require 3.5-inch panels, while some of your machines could be needing 15.1-inch modules. Instead of taking the trouble to go to different suppliers, you can enjoy an all-in-one experience from STONE.

Ease of purchase

STONE offers its customers ease when it comes to making a purchase. Generally, wholesalers and suppliers sell their merchandise in bundles of 10, 50, 100, etc. However, the STONE store gives you the option of buying single pieces so that you can buy as much as you presently need.

Trust and Experience

One of the main things that you have to look at in any supplier is the level of reliability and trust. This is usually determined by the level of experience and the time that the supplier has spent in the market. STONE was founded in 2010 and has been producing LCD modules for the past 10 years.


If you are looking to buy LCD modules in bulk, look no further than the Middle Kingdom. China has become the hub of mass manufacturing and is the favorite spot for wholesalers and business owners.

In case you need some convincing about buying from the Chinese, we have compiled a list of benefits that you can enjoy when looking for TFT LCD manufacturers in China.

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