The 3 Advantages of STONE’s TFT Display Screen on Buses

Buses in many cities have been given another makeover, with a new device that replaces the beaded LED display with an irregular LCD screen, the TFT display screen on buses.

The STONE LCD screen on the bus and subway now has a very wide range of application popularization, and the effect is very good, it, as we mentioned earlier LCD advertising machine, is pretty much the same on the function, main is can do pictures show, video playback, had been tipped route guidance function of fusion, to prompt the effect of the stop, of course, because the motherboard support split-screen plate cutting processing, an area can be divided for advertising or public welfare propaganda video, and so on.

The 3 advantages of STONE’s TFT display screen on buses

1. High reliability and good stability LCD Display Screen

The STONE TFT display screen on the bus has a high-brightness LIQUID crystal substrate treated with unique technology. So that ordinary TV screen has the characteristics of an industrial LCD screen, high reliability, good stability, suitable for working in a harsh environment.

2. High efficiency, energy-saving, and long service life touch screen display

The STONE LCD panel is made of the imported aluminum substrate, which can absorb and emit heat effectively and reduce the light attenuation of LED lamps. The heat of the backlight has a low affect on a liquid crystal substrate, which can save energy, have a long life, save energy effectively, and make the product lighter and thinner.

3. Intelligently adjust the display effect TFT LCD Screen

The STONE TFT display screen on the bus is equipped with a light-sensing automatic controller with high brightness. The screen brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the surrounding environment so that the screen image can achieve good visual effects, and at the same time, it can also achieve energy-saving and extremely low aging degree of product components.

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