Which is better, an TFT LCD screen dashboard or a mechanical dashboard?

Speaking of the full TFT LCD screen dashboard many people are very familiar with, nowadays many cars are beginning to use this electronic TFT LCD screen. Even a lot of car companies in the full TFT LCD screen dashboard above to make a lot of design, so that the car interior looks more splendid beauty, these are in the car sales spells become more confused.


In fact, simply put, is to use a TFT LCD screen instead of the traditional mechanical instrument. Its function is more powerful, flexible, easier to connect with the network, peripherals, and other applications.

Full TFT LCD screen dashboard and central control screen principle are similar to mobile phones and PAD and other electronic products, so the integrated function is not comparable to the traditional instrumentation. Traditional instrumentation only integrates some simple traffic information, while the full TFT LCD screen dashboard, including speed, fuel consumption, weather, and other information display, is very rich.


Speed, speed, water temperature, fuel is the most common pointer dashboard display, some models will also add a small TFT LCD screen in the dashboard, the most can also display gears, tire pressure, fuel consumption, and other supplementary information. The full TFT LCD screen dashboard can not only display this information, but also can display navigation maps, multimedia, and other functions. If the manufacturer is willing to, even turbo pressure, throttle opening, braking strength, and other information can be displayed, said to be a control of the car information system of a computer display is not too much.

At the same time, the TFT LCD screen dashboard bring us also intelligent experience, now many cars have mobile phone interconnection function, Bluetooth to answer the phone, and other functions, TFT LCD screen dashboard can display some mobile phone interconnection function, to avoid the driver everywhere on the phone to find information, make a call is also more convenient, these are mechanical dashboard can not provide intelligent service, for the driver, certainly, like this operation is simple, but also does not affect the safety of driving mode.

TFT LCD screen dashboard display information is very comprehensive, full TFT LCD screen dashboard, unlike the traditional mechanical dashboard, mechanical dashboard data are generally custom position data, other information can only be displayed in a small screen on the car computer, while the TFT LCD screen dashboard is much richer than it, in addition to displaying some conventional data outside, like weather, road conditions, navigation, etc. can be displayed!

Some models are actually inseparable from the full TFT LCD screen dashboard. Such as having completely different power sources of electric cars, they do not need to display speed, water temperature, oil, and other information; Instead, the voltage, electricity and battery temperature and other information that needs to be more accurately displayed, the TFT LCD screen dashboard can even access the car’s history of information, analysis and guidance to the user driving habits. The traditional pointer meter has the shortcomings of slow response, low precision, and single display mode, which can not meet the requirements of automotive electricity and intelligence.


Today’s mechanical and full TFT LCD screen dashboards are just like the quartz and mechanical watches of the day, which were born much later and are significantly more accurate, thinner, and cheaper to build. But the mechanical watch was not abandoned by the market because of the emergence of quartz watches, it took the initiative to give up its uncompetitive low-end market, and turned to the high-end. It conquered consumers with its mechanical and technological beauty and is still loved by people all over the world today. The price of quartz watches was significantly higher than mechanical watches when they first appeared, and then because of the maturity of technology and market recognition, the cost gradually decreased, and now the price of quartz watches has been far lower than mechanical watches. I think the fate of mechanical meters and full TFT LCD screen dashboard is also the same, the future of the TFT LCD screen dashboard will certainly become more popular, most of the car will be used. Mechanical gauges, on the other hand, will move to the high end of the market and will only be found in luxury cars.

However, the full TFT LCD screen dashboard usually relies on a direct display on the screen, and there is no transparent cover, so the problem can only be solved by a frosted surface treatment, but the results are not satisfactory.

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