Application case of TFT LCD Module in Medical Industry

In the medical product application industry, a large number of human-computer interactive operating systems are indispensable.
Devices with screens are common in hospitals. Every day, hospitals should have a large number of human-computer interaction behaviors, such as registration, printing list, payment, inquiry, etc. Various image examinations, disease monitoring, and accurate customer data transmission; The exam room needs to wear gloves to interact with the monitor, etc.
The medical equipment industry has always had a high demand for TFT LCD. In the process of use, it has high requirements for the resolution, precision, life span, and stability of the LCD screen.
To choose a suitable display for their own medical equipment, it is important to be clear about the special needs of medical equipment display and industrial display as well as consumer display.
Medical devices need to communicate all kinds of small data accurately and stably. Need to display a variety of high resolution, the high color saturation of the image information; The screen needs fast response time and low EMI data transmission; And the source material that USES also should accord with environmental protection requirement.
The display screen of medical equipment requires higher requirements to adapt to the environment than the standard display screen. Able to withstand normal clear display in humid, strong light, strong impact environment, in this case, the brightness, contrast, can adapt to the peak temperature and humidity requirements are higher.
Therefore, TFT LCD ( liquid crystal display) is rapidly favored in the medical equipment industry due to its long life, high contrast, high resolution, wide viewing angle, and high image display quality. In the operating room, emergency room, ICU, and another high-brightness lighting environment, high brightness TFT LCD is required. The latest design trend is to use low-voltage differential signal transmission LCD modules to ensure minimum electromagnetic interference to the equipment. STONE series advanced liquid crystal display module is the best choice for medical equipment with stable performance, parameter configuration, and long service life.

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