TFT LCD Module Display of Coffee Machine Application

Medical cosmetology equipment has a higher demand for high precision screen pictures; There is no high demand for touch screen stability in industrial applications and for extreme environments. With the fierce competition in the market, the screen of civil grade has been upgraded from traditional display technology such as TN to the application of TFT LCD  (liquid crystal display )technology.


There are many areas that can be touched that require the use of displays, such as electronic scales, vending machines, elevators, demonstrations, cash registers, and so on.

Capacitive touch screens and resistive touch screens are adopted, and the man-machine touch experience and sensitivity are excellent, which can meet users’ daily touch feelings.


Take the ubiquitous coffee machine as an example:

As a kind of shopping mall, a coffee machine can be seen everywhere in the home service equipment. With the popularization of intelligent applications.The intelligent coffee machine has become the mainstream of the market. Coffee makers vary in price depending on the function and shape of the device, and most of today’s civilian-grade touch displays use a 16:9 ratio.


Intelligent coffee machine refers to the application of electronic technology in the coffee machine, equipped with an intelligent control system and a touch-controlled LCD screen, to achieve the intelligent control of the whole process of brewing coffee, such as grinding, powder pressing, boiling, brewing, cleaning residue and matching milk. Intelligent coffee machines brew coffee according to the most scientific data and procedures, and with a perfect protection system, users can only according to the correct use the right way to produce a healthy and personalized coffee.

What functions can be realized in the current development of intelligent coffee machines?

Design corresponding program Settings with touch screen UI :
For smart coffee machines, the program Settings are generally the same, such as cup control, temperature control, pre-grinding function, coffee bean dosage adjustment, preset functions, etc.

Digital intelligent touch control:

The intelligent coffee machine is controlled by digital intelligence. The LCD screen of the coffee machine can show the working status at any time. The digital display screen will show what the coffee machine is ready to do or is doing.

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