1. What’s the MOQ of STONE product?
2. How can I purchase? What’s the payment method?
3. What is the warranty policy for STONE product?
4. What is STONE product?


5. How does the STONE display work?
6. What is the meaning of the model number description?
7. What kind of interface does STONE use to connected with the control device?
8. Is the STONE product sunlight readable?
9. Does STONE product include bezel/case/enclosure?
10. The STONE product free accessories pack includes all the development kits you need:
11. What is the communication protocol for STONE product?
12. Can we use Arduino as the controller of STONE product?
13. Can we use Raspberry Pi as the controller of STONE product?
14. Can we play videos/audios on STONE product?
15. How to connect the STONE product with the PC or other developing platform?
16. Can we design the customized graphic user interface (GUI) for STONE product?
17. What’s the OS requirement for the STONE Designer?
18. Can we use customized font for the interface?
19. Do you have some demo project for reference?
20. Can we connect camera on the display?
21. Can we use a PLC as a controller for the monitor?
Yes. PLC with RS232 interface can be used as a controller for the display.
22. When making a project, there are a lot of inconvenient settings for the button, want a fully transparent button?

You can set the style of button to pic mode, it will become a fully transparent button after setting, then you only need to set the bg_image in normal or pressed state.

23. If there is a beep after booting, and after connecting the TYPE-A cable, I can get the device to be read by the PC, but it does not enter the home_page interface what is the reason?

Please consider whether the gif image size is too large which causes high CPU usage to load.

24. For the design of the project, is it possible to achieve some dynamic changing effects?

With animate, we can achieve the effect of changing the value, move, opacity and attributes of multiple widgets.

25. I want multiple groups of the same widget with the same effect, but I don't want to use copy and paste to achieve this function?

You can design by custom style, there are two ways to custom style

1) select the style at properties on the right.

2) title bar view-widget-custom style.
But custom style only supports the design of the properties related to style.

26. Is it possible to select some input boxes and click on the pop-up keyboard to display only numbers?

1) Right-click new at project area and select keyboard, then select the new keyboard you need, then select the corresponding keyboard at the widget with keyboard property.
2) Title bar project-windows-keyboard, select the required keyboard to create a new one, and then select the corresponding keyboard at the widget with the keyboard property.
Note: You must select the keyboard at the widget's keyboard, otherwise the new keyboard will not be called.

27. I want to implement the function of continuous increase/decrease, but it is too annoying to click each time?

Check enable_long_press as TRUE, and then set long_press_time according to your needs. There will also be a corresponding return value after connecting to the serial port.

28. Insert the U-disk and update the firmware by traditional method (see LED), the screen prompts U-disk Error?

When updating firmware by traditional method, it is not based on the screen prompt, but on the light next to the reset button.

29. I don't like the boot animation, can I change it to my own favorite boot animation?

You can change the boot up logo, the image should be in 8bit or 24bit bmp format. Before updating, you need to confirm the firmware version, some too old firmware version can not update the logo.

30. During the version update, the U disk indicator light is on, but after pressing the reset button, the device cannot start after the boot animation?

Ensure that all procedures are normal, such as:

(1) various places in the device to maintain access status;

(2) ensure that the files to be used are not damaged, sometimes because of transmission problems or problems caused by external factors (such as damage to the U disk, etc.); Based on this, insert the U disk to re-update, wait for the indicator light to flash and then pull out the U disk to reboot.

31. After checking line_wrap and word_wrap on the label widget, the line break does not work as I want it to.

If the label widget needs a line break, you can add an \n escape character between the two words that need a line break (or the place where you want a line break).

32. Is it possible to achieve one-click layout for multiple widgets?

Yes. Select the desired layout method after you select the desired widget.
1) Click the layout method directly next to the widget to select it. The corresponding effect will be realized after selection.
2)Click the title bar edit after selection, and choose the method behind the two options of alignment and distribute. (arrange only applies to a single widget)

33. Combo_box_ex/spin_box/edit have been set up, but the default state is restored after clicking on the device?

You need to set multiple states, and different states are set separately. The normal state is normal state, and after click and input content are other different states.

34. Can I set the same property for multiple widgets in batch/is there any easy way?

1) Edit-copy one of the widgets after setting it or use the shortcut keys (different for windows and macOS).
2) Select the widget, find the style at the properties on the right side, and after clicking edit on the right side, a box will pop up, set it up and save it and then call it.
(3) view-widget-custom style, select the required widget and it will pop up the settings, after setting, it will be saved to the corresponding widget.

35. Can I change a property that was wrongly selected when I created a new project?

After the project is created, there is a setting button in the project area on the left side, you can change all the information except path after clicking the setting button.
And when the new version of the software changes baud rate/brightness/lcd rotation, the downloaded project will be effective on the device directly, no need to configure it manually.

36. Some of the commands of the widget have set_value and set_text, what is the specific difference?

set_value is to set the value, float/int type, not to set the text. set_text is to set the text, the text contains pure numbers, but when sending, the pure numbers should also be sent in text format.

37. I have changed the file name, but the project name is still not changed?

Project name and the file name are two different concepts. project name needs to be changed at setting.

38. Is there any other solution to deal with the problem of oversized gifs that cause memory overflow and cannot be played, but still need to be played?

Use image_animation widget to handle it, split the gif into countless frames, and use image group + interval to achieve a effect similar to gif.

39. What is the difference between label widget and edit widget?

label is static text, which cannot be changed after clicking on the device, but can change/get text or values through commands. edit is an editor, which can change values or text after clicking on the device, and can change/get text or values through commands.

40. The time displayed on the device is not the same as the actual time?

In the case of having RTC storage, you can calibrate the time, and the calibration will take effect after it has been calibrated once.

41. Possible factors for not being able to drag widgets to window?

1) There is a widget with a large size in window, which covers the area, thus making it impossible to add.
2)When you customize adding size in window after selecting and clicking the widget, you may perform other operations during the process, such as clicking other widgets, etc., which will trigger other operations and lead to adding failure.
3) The size exceeds the window view, the widget supports negative coordinates but needs to be placed in the window view during the adding process.

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