What is STONE product?


How does the STONE display work?
What is the meaning of the model number description?
What kind of interface does STONE use to connected with the control device?
Is the STONE product sunlight readable?
Does STONE product include bezel/case/enclosure?
The STONE product free accessories pack includes all the development kits you need:
What is the communication protocol for STONE product?
Can we use Arduino as the controller of STONE product?
Can we use Raspberry Pi as the controller of STONE product?
Can we play videos/audios on STONE product?
How to connect the STONE product with the PC or other developing platform?
Can we design the customized graphic user interface (GUI) for STONE product?
What’s the OS requirement for the STONE Designer?
Can we use customized font for the interface?
Do you have some demo project for reference?
Can we connect camera on the display?
Can we use a PLC as a controller for the monitor?
Yes. PLC with RS232 interface can be used as a controller for the display.
What’s the MOQ of STONE product?
How can I purchase? What’s the payment method?
What is the warranty policy for STONE product?
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