How to choose a sunlight readable display TFT LCD Module

Visible in sunlight-readable display TFT LCD Module does not fully recover its color in sunlight, but it can still be seen clearly, with only a slight change in color.TFT is divided into semi-penetrating and reflective types. In the sunlight, the semi-transparent brightness will have a certain degree of reduction, the color deviation will also have a certain degree of change, which is generally acceptable.

The outdoor sunlight-readable display effect of reflective TFT is better than that of semi-penetrating TFT because the former is displayed by the brightness of a complete backrest light plate, while reflective TFT is similar to the mirror, which can improve the display brightness by borrowing the ambient brightness. Therefore, the higher the ambient brightness is, the higher the screen brightness will be.

Advantages of TFT LCD in the outdoor sunlight-readable display field

1. TFT LCD has lower power consumption than other monitors;

2. Longer service life than OLED display;

3. More colorful display than the traditional monochrome LCD.

STONE High brightness sunlight-readable display screen will be a good solution for outdoor display.

High brightness TFT LCD and horizontal TFT LCD

This paper makes a comprehensive comparison between high brightness TFT LCD and horizontal TFT LCD from the aspects of technical parameters, display performance, and cost evaluation. After reading this article, you will have a deep understanding of sun-readable TFT and how to select sun-readable TFT LCD to select the most suitable commutating TFT LCD or high-brightness TFT LCD for your outdoor display.

1) sunlight readable TFT LCD module – high brightness TFT 3.5 “:


Physical   Parameter



Size (Inch)





65536 colors (16 bit)

Viewing Area


Pixel Spacing

0.1905 mm × 0.0635 mm(H×V)

Overall   Dimension


Net Weight

  85 g(N)/ 100 g(T)

TFT Panel

A+ Class Industry Panel

Touch Screen

Industry Level 4 wire resistance
Or without touch screen is optional.

Backlight Parameter 

Backlight Type



1000 cd/m2(Brightness   can be adjustable in 100 levels.)



Backlight life

50,000 hours

Viewing Angle

70°/ 70°/ 50°/ 70° (L/R/U/D)

Working   Temperature

-20°C ~ +70°C

Working Humidity

55°C, 85%

Storage Temperature

 -30°C ~ +80°C

Screen Mode


Performance Parameter



LCD Controller


Refresh Rate


Picture   Switching Speed

12 ms/picture   (83 pictures/s)

Flash Memory

Standard 128m, Extension 1GB

Memory Amount for picture

According to the capability of the image, the Suggest “JPG” format.


RS232/ USB Interface

Pictures downloading

USB2.0   (12Mbps) & U storage Disk downloading

Voltage Range

DC6.0V ~ 40V   (typical value: 12V)



Test Report



Working Temperature

-20°C ~ +70°C

Air Humidity

 60°C, 90%

Continuous Vibration Testing

10-55Hz, 1.5mm, 10G

Impact Acceleration Testing

6ms, 100G

ESD Testing


Radiation Reliability Testing


As can be seen from the parameters, STONE STVA035WT-01 is a sunlight readable TFT LCD module with a brightness of 1000 CD /m2. The color TFT LCD has a 320×240 resolution, supports RS232/USB ports, has a 3.5-inch diagonal size, and has resistive and capacitive touch screens. The TFT model has a built-in Cortex M4 driver chip.

The 3.5-inch daylight readable TFT LCD has a logical power supply voltage (V) ranging from 6V to 12v, with a maximum of 40V. With led backlight, the Angle of view is 70/70/50/70, when the grayscale is reversed 12, the aspect ratio is 4:3. It can work at -20℃~ +70℃, and the storage temperature is -30℃~ +80℃.STONE daylight readable TFT LCD is an ideal choice for outdoor industrial measuring instruments, testing equipment, measuring tools, outdoor display, and other industrial electronic equipment.

3.5 “1000 nits high brightness sunlight-readable display TFT LCD module effect in sunlight:

STONE’s high brightness TFT display module is a very good solution for sunlight-readable display.

STONE TFT LCD touch panel, size 3.5 ‘to 15.1’, 800 nits to 1000 nits.

STONE sunlight-readable display screen (high brightness TFT display) for outdoor applications.

2) Reverse TFT LCD module

Because of the requirement of the display that works in a bright environment and direct sunlight, the requirement of a TFT LCD screen is higher and higher.

The TFT LCD module has two modes of “transmission” and “reflection”.

The two display modes work together to improve performance.

In a dark environment, the “transmission” mode is dominated by the backlight of the display screen.

In bright environments, the display’s “reflection” mode is more reflective through the internal mirror structure.

Horizontal reflection TFT displays have a layer of reflectors in front of the backlight. Incident light bounces off the reflective layer and is used to illuminate the TFT display. Therefore, the TFT LCD module has two characteristics of “transmission” and “reflection”.

1. The reflective TFT display has good readability under bright ambient light and direct sunlight. Transmission TFT LCD displays can only work under backlight, while transverse reflection TFT displays are characterized by a reflector on the color filter of the TFT unit, so the incoming ambient light is reflected in the TFT reflective layer and then illuminates the display. Thus, the readability of the content is perfect in very bright sunlight, even without backlighting.

2. Compared with the traditional “transmission only” display, another advantage of the cross-flow TFT LCD display module is power saving. Cross-flow TFT LCD displays combine the advantages of both transmission and cross-flow displays so that TFT displays are fully readable under almost any ambient light condition. In addition, they are highly energy-efficient and are ideal for battery-powered devices and mobile applications. In a bright environment, customers who use a retro-streamlined TFT-LCD can save power by reducing or turning off the backlight of the display, due to the dominance of “reflection” mode.

The horizontal TFT LCD modules of brands such as Winstar Raystar have higher horizontal flow. If they only use the semi-transparent reflective polarimeter back delivery TFT LCD with a reflectance of only 2%, then it is not a true semi-transparent reflective TFT LCD.

Transmissive displays provide good readability in direct sunlight only with very bright backlight and high power consumption.

The STONE sunlight-readable display module adopts the “transmission” mode, which improves the TFT-LCD panel structure, expands the color reproduction range under the “transmission” mode, and realizes a new TFT-LCD module, which gives full play to the advantages of the transmitted TFT LCD module in a vivid display of color.

There is no best, only the most suitable, through the general introduction of this article. Have you decided what type of LCD display module to choose for your outdoor sunlight-readable display module?

I hope you found this article helpful.

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