STONE TFT LCD Application in Smart Locker

In many scenes of daily life, people will have fragmented storage needs, such as supermarkets, large shopping malls, convention and exhibition centers, train stations, and school libraries. With the improvement of living standards, people’s demand for storage in public places is also increasing, which promotes the rapid development of the locker industry.
At present, the traditional locker display on the market basically uses the monochrome screen 12864. In order to meet people’s higher demand for visual experience in the intelligent age, STONE TECH has launched a series of solutions for upgrading from monochrome screens to color screens, which have gradually been widely recognized by the market.


Traditional locker system

At present, the electronic control part of the traditional locker is mainly composed of 4 parts: control panel, 4*4 matrix keyboard, 1602 or 12864 monochrome LCD screen, and door control drive circuit.
The function module is shown in the figure below:


  1. It can only display monochrome, and cannot display patterns or color pictures.
  2. The resolution is low and the customer experience is not good.

What will STONE provide?

1. 12864 monochrome LCD screen upgrade to STONE smart LCD module

The basic control frame will remain the same.
The communication between the main control unit and the STONE TFT module adopts serial communication, and the control board only needs to reserve one UART port without occupying the I/O port resources of the microcontroller.
Functional module
Controller + 4*4 matrix keyboard + STONE TFT module + gate drive circuit


Recommended module

STWI070WN-01 7 inches TFT module with KAP02 matrix keypad interface

2. Traditional LCD monochrome screen + matrix keyboard upgraded to Divine color touch screen

The 4*4 matrix keyboard is omitted and replaced with a resistive touch TFT module, which brings a better human-machine interfacing experience.
The communication between the main control chip and the STONE TFT module adopts serial communication, and the control board only needs to reserve one UART port without occupying the I/O port resources of the microcontroller. UI development is completed in the STONE TOOL GUI design system independently. The graphical programming interface is powerful and easy to operate.


Recommended module

STWI070WT-01 7 inches TFT module with resistive touch panel

Advantage of STONE TFT module

Compared with the monochrome screen 12864, the advantages of the STONE TFT module:

  1. It can display colorful images to match multiple parameters or icons. This will increase the user experience and make your product more beautiful.
  2. In addition, it can also display the boot animation, dynamically display the company’s logo, etc.
  3. The resolution is high, and the picture quality is better, giving people a very good visual experience.
  4. Since the color patterns can be displayed, the pictures can be used to guide the operation process, which will bring a better experience and services to the end-users.
  5. There can be a voice interface on the screen, and the speaker can broadcast voice and music.
  6. Powerful GUI design system with a graphical programming method. It will save a lot of developing time and cost, and give you a highly customized user interface.

Advantage of STONE TECH

At present, the volume of monochrome screens on the market is decreasing year by year, and the reduction of production capacity further leads to unstable supply and price increases. The color screen is just the opposite, the annual shipments are growing rapidly, but the price is decreasing year by year.
STONE TECH currently has a science and technology park with a construction area of 6,000 square meters in Wuhan, with 3 production lines and 100,000 pcs monthly capacity. We have independent R&D and production capabilities. Provide one-stop human-computer interaction solutions.
One of the STONE advantages is that we can provide long-term stable supply while providing high-quality design and supporting services. And the price is only affected by exchange rate fluctuations, which has won the trust and praise of users.

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