STONE provides XCMG with LCD module for hydraulic excavators

STONE Tech has been a partner with XCMG Group since 2009, providing XCMG with a TFT LCD display modules dashboard for use in hydraulic excavators.

XCMG Group is a large enterprise group with a large scale, complete product variety and series, unique competitiveness, and influence in China’s construction machinery industry.


XCMG Group‘s leading high-quality products include a full surface crane of 2,000t, a crawler crane of 4,000t, a hydraulic excavator of 700t, 12-ton China’s largest large-tonnage loader, 100-meter Asia’s highest high-altitude fire truck, fourth-generation intelligent road construction equipment, construction machinery industry, etc.

The company is China’s largest cantilever crane and high load pump manufacturers ranked first in the industry in the world. Their concrete pumps and lifting machinery have been a leader in China.


With the in-depth cooperation with XCMG Group, STONE Tech‘s TFT LCD display modules products have been promoted and applied in many engineering and mechanical fields of XCMG Group.

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