STONE HMI display Solutions to Household Ventilators

Structure of Household Ventilators

Household ventilators generally have five components: host, humidifier, mask, pipeline, and power supply.

Among them, the main engine is mainly composed of a motor, sensor, motherboard, control button, and HMI displays LCD screen.


The functional principles of human respiration:

Inhalation: Contraction of respiratory muscles — expansion of thoracic volume — expansion of alveoli (forming negative pressure) — inhalation of air from the outside world.

Exhalation: Relaxation of the respiratory muscles — elastic contraction of the alveoli — increase of pressure in lungs — and exhalation of air.

It follows that the pressure difference between the expansion, contraction of the human alveoli and the atmospheric pressure forms the respiratory function. Therefore, the working principle of household ventilators is generally to control the turbine speed so that the airway pressure can reach the preset pressure and form pressure difference, so as to realize the forced or auxiliary breathing process.

The general working principle of the ventilator is shown in the following figure:


Solutions to HMI display of household ventilators

2.1 The Screen Size

Household ventilators are small, typically with 2.4, 2.8, 3.5, or 4.3 inches screens.

2.2 Functional Requirements

Touch Function

At present, most ventilators on the market are equipped with buttons and knobs, among which the most common ones are those with buttons to start the machine and knobs to adjust air pressure, etc. Some of them can choose the working mode and adjust the parameters through a touch screen.

In contrast, the HMI display touch LCD screen is easier to use and more intuitive. It can even guide the end-user, making HMI display friendlier.

Display Function

Because of color LCD screens, displaying parameters, texts, progress bars, and animation tips is possible, making it colorful and rich in content.

If an LCD screen of 3.5 inches or larger is used, the HMI display area would be larger enough to show historical data, curves, etc.


Through networking, data of the ventilator can be transmitted to the mobile phone terminal in real-time, which is convenient for users’ family members to inquire.


STONE HMI display solution recommended

Module recommended: STVI035WC-01

Size: 3.5 inches

Resolution: 320*240

Screen: wide-angle IPS

Color: 16 bit, 65k

Touch panel: capacitive touch screen

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