STONE HMI Display Application in Air Detector Solutions


With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people realize the importance of the environment and health. With the development of household appliances, air quality monitoring is also becoming more intelligent. More and more people choose to use smart air detectors to detect indoor air quality to protect the health of their families.

The working principle of the air detector

The air detector is an instrument for real-time detection of formaldehyde, PM2.5, TVOC, and temperature and humidity. Through its internal air detection sensor, it can accurately measure the concentration of pollutants and calculate the air quality index AQI. When the concentration exceeds the standard, it will alarm.

The working principle of the air detector: the signals of the internal formaldehyde sensor, PM2.5 sensor, TVOC sensor, and temperature and humidity sensor, the weak signal of the sensor is amplified by the operational amplifier, and the noise interference is removed by the filter circuit, and then collected by AD, and A 32-bit high-precision CPU is used to process the calculation, and then convert it into a pollutant concentration value and display it.

STONE intelligent air detector solution

STONE Smart Air Detector solution is designed based on the STONE intelligent HMI Display module developed by STONE Technology. It is equipped with a 5 inches IPS LCD screen with 800*480 resolution and can be connected with ESP32 MCU for the WI-FI connect function. The offline speech recognition module has the characteristics of a beautiful interface, convenient operation, and good interaction effect. Support indoor air formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, PM2.5, TVOC, temperature and humidity, and other real-time detection, suitable for household air detectors.

Main Function

  • 16-bit true color, bringing the best visual experience.
  • High-definition touch screen, touch operation is very smooth.
  • Humanized interactive design, support voice interaction, dynamic background switching.
  • Support one-key network configuration and one-key calibration.
  • Support various sensor numerical displays, support weather forecast, temperature, and PM2.5 real-time curve display.
  • Support horizontal and vertical screen switching, mobile detection is very convenient.


Recommended module

STVC050WC-03 5 inches TFT module with capacitive touch panel

  • Size: 5 inches
  • Resolution: 800*480
  • Screen: IPS
  • Color: 16 bit, 65K
  • Touch panel: Capacitive touch

Advantage of STONE HMI Display solution

  1. It can display colorful images to match the multiple parameters or icons. This will increase the user experience and make your product more beautiful.
  2. In addition, it can also display the boot animation, dynamically display the company’s logo, etc.
  3. The resolution is high, and the picture quality is better, giving people a very good visual experience.
  4. IPS display can be viewed by wide-angle
  5. ESP32 controller could be connected with wi-fi

Advantage of STONE TECH

At present, the volume of monochrome screens on the market is decreasing year by year, and the reduction of production capacity further leads to unstable supply and price increases. The color HMI Display screen is just the opposite, the annual shipments are growing rapidly, but the price is decreasing year by year.
STONE TECH currently has a science and technology park with a construction area of 6,000 square meters in Wuhan, with 3 production lines and 100,000 pcs monthly capacity. We have independent R&D and production capabilities. Provide one-stop human-computer interaction solutions.
One of the STONE advantages is that we can provide long-term stable supply while providing high-quality design and supporting services. And the price is only affected by exchange rate fluctuations, which has won the trust and praise of users.

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