Smart TFT Display Module for Electricity STONE HMI Solutions

Instead of the traditional 7 segment LCD intelligent display power meter to display only the voltage and current, substations are more likely to use the intelligent control system to monitor the temperature, humidity, and also the other status of the electricity systems.


STONE intelligent display TFT LCD display system will provide you with the perfect solution for the multi-type information display solution. With our STONE Designer (GUI design system), you can create an interface with data display, status display, diagram display, or curve display function.


The high-quality intelligent display module will also have the ability to work in a harsh environment like high/low temperature, humidity, electromagnetic radiation and etc. This will give your system the ability to work stable for a very long period. And high-luminance version display will also make the display visible under the sunlight.


Recommended type:  STWA serial   STWI serial

tft-touch-screen-drivers tft-touch-screen-drivers

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