Self-service Device Application in Pandemic

It has been over one and a half years since the COVID-19 virus hit all over the world. The whole world is recovering slowly from its influence, step by step. Nowadays people are getting used to keeping social distance, and wearing masks, even if the major epidemic is passing and over 2 billion vaccines are used.

In this kind of situation, the self-service device becomes a very popular solution in various areas. It will reduce the chance to get close to each other and reduce the chance to get infected.

In this kind of situation, a company in Colombia, MEMBO INVENTOS Y SOLUCIONES S.A.S. (AKA. MEMBO) has developed a multi-functional automation self-service station. The idea of doing a project with the least amount of resources possible. It has four services in total: Air for tires, vacuum, smoke aroma, and fuel additive. For this reason, it is called “A4 Car Station”. It is a very practical device, which allows the user to do at least 4 kinds of clean or refill service to their car. STONE Technologies provide the Smart TFT LCD module and the GUI design system, which makes the device more user-friendly and good-looking.

According to the chief designer of the project, Ms. Maria, the main controller of this device is ESP32. Over 20 sensors, motors, and micro switches were used in the prototype, and the first device is already installed beside a gas station. After getting approved, it will be set in each single gas station in Colombia, and become a beautiful scenery of Colombia streets.

MEMBO is a very young but professional research and development company. It has a group of young engineers with passion and energy, who are specialists in healthcare, industrial, oil industrial, AI, or many other fields. “Todo es posible Cuando lo intentas”, which means “Everything is possible when you try to do it” is their motto.

STONE technologies is a professional visual control solution provider. With over 14 years of experience in developing and manufacturing intelligent TFT LCD modules, STONE has provided thousands of solutions to manufacturers and developers in the medical, industrial, and consumable electronic areas.

Even if MEMBO and STONE engineers haven’t seen each other since the effect of the pandemic, they still work very smoothly through online communications. With the effort and knowledge, the members of the two teams made this project come true, by solving many issues and difficulties.

We are always glad to help all the manufacturers and developers around the world, to work with us, and bring your project come true!

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