7 inch display with touch screen TFT LCD module is the most popular product in the STONE product list.

The mid-sized 7 inch touch screen display TFT LCD can display all different kinds of information including data, text, curves, icons, animation images, or videos.

You can choose the low resolution (800*480)/high resolution (1024*600) version, low luminance (400 nits)/high luminance version (1000 nits), 7 inch TFT LCD display resistive touch screen / 7 inch capacitive touch/7 inch non-touch version.  (raspberry pi touch screen, raspberry pi display, raspberry pi 7 touch screen)

STONE HMI 7 TFT LCD monitor touch screen display is embedded with CORTEX M4 CPU, LCD driver, flash memory, and RS232/RS485/TTL interface. You can use our STONE Designer to create your own interface with any jpg files, download all the interfaces in the 7 touch screen display, and use an MCU with the UART interface to control it by sending commands.

We will provide different kinds of instructions and demo programs for our customers to help them with the development. STONE always puts customer service above all. 7 inch tft lcd module.