4.3'' TFT display

Enhance the competitiveness of your products by using the STONE 4.3 inch TFT LCD display module.

STONE HMI display module with 480×272 RGB resolution, using CortexM4 CPU TFT driver, TFT driver IC, support 65536 colors and UART port (RS232 / RS485 / TTL), Integrated real-time clock RTC, touch buzzer sound function, support 90 °,180 °, 270 ° screen rotation, 8-channel curve trend chart memory, standard 128Mb. 4.3-inch touch screen display module available with touch screen panel, resistive (single-finger or stylus pressure), or capacitive (five-finger, multi-gesture) touch screen technology. You can use any MCU control such as ArduinoRaspberry PiSTM32, or ESP32. Welcome to purchase a 4.3 inch TFT LCD display monitor online.

The 4.3 inch TFT display has a resolution of 480x272 pixels. The TFT module is equipped with an LCD driver IC; It supports serial UART interfaces.: Brightness (cd/m squared). This 4.3" TFT LCD display has a competitive price advantage.

4.3" LCD display module brightness is 400; 1000; 350, three specifications. The module can also be used for resistive and capacitive touch screens. The working temperature can be -25~70 grade. The storage temperature is from -30℃ to + 80℃.

You can decide to have the resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen version.  brightness is also selectable.

STONE LCD as an intelligent display module, customers can use any simple MCU unit, including st microelectronics, Arduino, or Raspberry-pi as the controller. All the communication will go through the UART interface, and the protocol is a customized command set. Customers from the medical field, industrial field, civil field, and energy field are using it as the smart display controller. We would suggest you test the product beginning from a sample. We will give you professional service and assistance during your learning and testing. And after your prototype is finished, we can start the bulk order.

This kind of display is normally used in industrial equipment like heavy equipment dashboards, HMI ( human-machine interface ) solutions,s or medical areas, and civil areas. We will also provide an unlimited warranty for up to 5 years.

We are a professional TFT display module manufacturer since 2004 and we have the best manufacturing and service, team. We will keep developing and update the product, and give our customers the best service.