3.5'' TFT LCD Module

STONE 3.5 inch small TFT LCD display module with Cortex M4 CPU, LCD driver, UART interface, and flash memory. you can choose capacitive/resistive touch, different sizes from 3.5 inches to 15.1 inches. 

3.5" TFT Display with Optional Resistive Touch Screen or Capacitive Touch Screen. The 3.5 inch TFT LCD screen CPU, LCD driver, and flash memory are all highly embedded in the backside of the display. Display colors on the STONE 3.5 inch TFT LCD module

This LCD display has a 320 x 240 RGB resolution and uses the CortexM4 CPU TFT driver. The TFT driver IC supports 65536 colors and can also support up to UART Port, Standard 128MB, Extension 1GB. 

The 3.5'' small LCD screen is available with a touch screen panel in either resistive (single-finger or stylus pressure) or capacitive (five-finger, multi-gesture) touch screen technology.

STONE's kind of small TFT LCD display is normally used in civil areas or industrial areas.

If you have very limited space, and just need to display very simple information like digits, simple signs, or a few buttons, the 3.5 inches small TFT LCD display could be the best choice.

We have 2 types of resolution for choice, 320*240 or 320*480, which you can use the display horizontally or vertically.

STONE Technologies have over 16 years of experience in the TFT LCD display industry. We will provide you high-quality TFT LCD module product and professional service with all our efforts.