10.4" TFT Screen

STVI104WT-01 10.4 inch LCD display module programmable touch screen display.

The display with a 4:3 ratio, 800*600 resolution, -25~70 centigrade working range, and embedded with CORTEX M4 CPU, LCD drivers, and flash memory.


STONE 10.4 inch LCD screen as an intelligent HMI display solutions, customers can use any simple MCU unit, including Arduino or Raspberry-pi as the controller. All the communication will go through the UART interface, and protocol is customized command set.

Customers from the medical filed, industrial field, civil field, and energy filed are using it as the intelligent display controller.

We would suggest you test the product beginning from a sample. We will give you professional service and assistance during your learning and testing. And after your prototype is finished, we can start the bulk order.