Industrial type

►Size: 8.0"
►CPU: Cortex-A8
►Resolution: 800×RGB×600
►Interface: RS232/RS422/RS485/TTL
►Networked Control: Optional (WIFI/Bluetooth/Ethernet port)
►Viewing Area (mm): 162.0*121.5
►Brightness(cd/m²): 300



Size (Inch)

8.0 inch




262144 colors (18 bit)

Viewing Area

162.0 mm × 121.5 mm

Pixel Spacing

0.0675(W) × 0.2025(H) mm

Overall Dimension

(Standard type)

203mm×148.8mm×15.8mm (T)

Overall Dimension

(with Ethernet port)

203mm×148.8mm×23.8mm (T)

Net Weight

550g (T)

 TFT Panel

Innolux original panel

Touch Screen

4 Wire Resistance Touch /Capacitive Touch

/ Without Touch Screen



LCD Controller


Refresh Rate

1G Hz

Flash Memory

Standard 256MB, Extension 1GB or 2GB

Memory Amount for picture

According to the capability of the image,

Suggest "PNG, BMP, JPG, SVG, GIF"



RS232 / RS422 / RS485 / TTL

Optional (WIFI/Bluetooth/Ethernet port)

Image downloading

USB2.0 port or U storage Disk

Voltage Range

Rated voltage: +12V DC or +5V DC

Permissible voltage range: +7V DC...+28V DC or +5V DC



Backlight Type



300 cd/m2(Brightness can be adjustable in 100 levels.)



Backlight life

30000 hours

Viewing Angle


Working Temperature

-40°C ~ +80°C

Working Humidity

60°C, 90%

Storage Temperature

-30°C ~ +80°C

Screen Mode


Static discharge

(contact discharge/air discharge)

EN 61000-4-2

6 kV/8 kV

RF irradiation

EN 61000-4-3

10 V/m, 80% AM

1 kHz

 Pulse modulation

ENV 50204

900 MHz ±5 MHz

10 V/meff., 50% ED, 200 Hz

RF conduction

EN 61000-4-6

150 kHz - 80 MHz

10 V, 80% AM, 1 kHz

Burst interference

Supply lines

Process data lines

Signal lines

EN 61000-4-4





STONE is an intelligent human-machine interface (HMI) solution that provides control and visualization between people and processes, machines, applications, or devices. STONE is mainly used in medical aesthetics, industrial control, and consumer electronics. It is the best solution to replace traditional LCD and LED digital tubes.
STONE HMI includes a hardware part and a software part (STONE Designer). STONE HM with 1Ghz Cortex-A8 CPU has excellent display quality, ultra-wide viewing angle, can be easily controlled by any MCU from STM32, 8051, MSP430, MC9S12, PIC, AVR, Arduino, ARM, and Raspberry PI via UART port with simple hexadecimal commands.
STONE HMI can be used in any embedded system and is widely used as a TFT touch screen controller in industrial equipment, medical equipment, civil equipment, energy engineering, public transportation system, etc.
STONE HMI saves engineers a lot of time in application development. STONE Designer has a large number of buttons, text, progress bars, sliders, dashboards, and other components, and the drag-and-drop feature ensures that users spend less time on programming, which will reduce the development effort by 99%. Designing an HMI GUI is easy with the help of this free WYSIWYG GUI design software.
STONE HMI can be easily adapted to HMI projects in a wide range of industries.
We have development documentation, and demo code for Arduino UNO, STM32, Esp32, and raspberry pi.



Back Detail


stone hmi Contour map


Software (STONE Designer)


Upper computer software: more powerful, more simple software interface, easy to understand, high-quality software design, better customer experience
Program control instruction: simpler instruction control, more diversified product functions, using JSON code and HEX code, easy to use, understand, and programming habits of customers, easy to expand, higher fault tolerance rate
Software installation method: support cross-platform, support Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems at the same time.
Online features: Support Website GUI design
Extensibility: CPU is powerful, for future expansion of functions and customization of the development reserve



Working Principle


The Intelligent TFT-LCD Module communicates with the Customer’s

MCU / CPU / FPGA / PLC via Commands (JSON command and HEX Code), and then the MCU would control its connected equipment to work according to the received commands.

STONE Designer


STONE Designer is a control program and powerful GUI design software. It is suitable for the STONE STWI series, STWA series, STWE series. You can use it to set up various functions on the GUI, such as text, graphs, curves, image switching, keyboard, progress bar, slider, dial, clock and touch buttons, data storage, USB download, video, and audio, etc.
It is easy for engineers to develop a TFT-LCD color user interface, which can reduce a lot of development time and cost, and develop projects quickly in a cost-effective way.


STONE Designer

• Drag-and-drop components with rich property settings
• Vector fonts and text styles
• PNG/BMP/JPG/GIF/SVG image format support (alpha channel, transparency support)  
• Generic character encoding
• Simulation and debugging of HMI projects
• ASCII code-based control logic and commands
• Cloud support (remote update, remote upgrade)
• Media resource support



Easy and fast components

The WYSIWYG stone designer software with customizable GUI allows you to develop HMI projects quickly and efficiently

1. text 2. scrolling text 3. numbers 5. buttons 6. progress bars 7. images 8. cropping 10. gauges 11. waveforms 12. image switching 13. keyboard 14. progress bars 15. sliders 16. clock 17. timer 18. touch keys 19. data storage 20. USB download 21. video 22. audio and more.



You can add custom images, fonts, videos, audio, and other resource materials


Play multimedia resources in your HMI project

Easily add audio, video, and animation resources to your HMI project. Edit the properties of these resources to achieve your desired HMI video presentation interface.





Simulation Debugging


You can debug HMI projects at any time, even without STONE Display. The command input area allows you to send any STONE command to check the system feedback and HMI interaction effect.



ASCII-based control logic and instruction set


Simple ASCII text-based instructions will greatly reduce your HMI project development effort.


Set text:

ST<{"cmd_code": "set_text", "type": "label", "widget": "label1", "text": "Hello STONE"}>ET

Get the text:

ST<{"cmd_code": "get_text", "type": "mledit", "widget": "mledit"}>ET

"set_text" represents the command function code

"type": "label" means the type of the control is label

"widget":" label1" means the actual name of the control is label1

"text":" Hello STONE "represents the text inside for Hello STONE


ASCII based control logic and instruction set



STONE operation commands (serial port related)


The operation commands allow the user to program human-computer interaction in the active window code


1. Keep the serial port open and communicate properly with the PC.

2. Send the required setting type commands to the device. The device will realize the corresponding phenomena, such as system restart, change text, change value, change options, etc.


operation commands serial port related





Double layer 8-pinCable

8-pin socket

A-type USB cable


U-shaped storage disk

A industrial panel TFT LCD module.



Certification and documentation


- Data Sheet

- Instruction set

- Editor's Guide

- CE Certification

- ROHS certification



STONE Technical Support


- STONE Technical Forum

- STONE Official Store





Tutorials - Arduino

File name


Update date

Arduino development documentation and demo code


May 1st, 2021


Tutorials - Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi development documentation and demo code


May 1st, 2021


Tutorials - STM32 Microcontrollers

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STM32 development documentation and demo code


May 1st, 2021



Please inform the interface type before ordering. RS232/ RS422/ RS485/ TTL interface.