Civil type

►Size: 5.6"
►CPU: CortexM4
►Resolution: 640x480 (4:3)
►Interface: RS232/RS485/TTL/USB
►Brightness(cd/m²): 400



Size (Inch)

5.6 inch




65536 colors (16 bit)

Viewing Area


Pixel Spacing

0.1905mm×0.0635mm (H×V)

Overall Dimension


Net Weight


 TFT Panel

A Class Industry Panel

Touch Screen

Industry Level 4 wire resistance Or without touch screen is optional.

Backlight Type



300cd/m2(Brightness can be adjustable in 100 levels.)



Backlight life

20,000 hours

Viewing Angle

70°/ 70°/ 50°/ 70°(L/R/U/D)

Working Temperature


Working Humidity

55°C, 85%

Storage Temperature

-30°C ~ +80°C

Screen Mode




LCD Controller


Refresh Rate


Picture Switching Speed

30 ms/frame33 images/s)

Flash Memory

Standard 128MB, Extension 1GB

Memory Amount for picture

According to the capability of the image, Suggest "JPG" format.


RS232/ RS485/ TTL /USB Interface

Image downloading

USB2.0 (12Mbps) & U storage Disk downloading

Voltage Range

DC4.5V ~ 5.5V (typical value: 12V)


2.2 W



Working Temperature

-20°C ~ +70°C

 Air Humidity

60°C, 90%

Continuous Vibration Testing

10-55Hz, 1.5mm, 10G

 Impact Acceleration Testing

6ms, 100G

ESD Testing


Radiation Reliability Testing


STONE LCD description:


STONE Tech is the world's leading manufacturer of LCD display modules.

STONE offers a wide range of products, from small size STONE LCD module 3.5 " to large size STONE TFT LCD module 15".



The STONE LCD module has three series:


Advanced series, mainly used for medical beauty level liquid crystal module;

Industrial I series, mainly used in the field of industrial electronics;

Civil C series, mainly used in the field of civil equipment;

Each series of products are manufactured according to international standards, multiple series, various parameters, here you can find suitable for their own liquid crystal module model.



STONE C series TFT LCD display module


In line with international standards, TFT LCD Module with control panel, touch function, UART interface, RS232 TFT LCD, RS485 TFT Display, TTL LCD Module. Has a wide perspective, high refresh rate.


These LCD modules are available in a variety of resolutions, as well as resistive and capacitive touch screens. Our TFT display module can be controlled by any controller. STONE TFT module is suitable for industrial control, coffee machine, POS system, automation, GPS navigation, home appliances, energy control, telecommunications, medical equipment, and other fields.


STONE provides a simple, powerful toolkit for easily and intuitively set up a variety of graphical user interface functions such as text, Numbers, curves, image switching, keyboards, progress bars, sliders, dials, clocks, and touch buttons, data storage, USB downloads, video, and audio. It makes the development of the HMI TFT LCD module easier, the toolbox can reduce the development workload by 99%, and save the cost of 99% for engineers. Using graphical interface design software, 0 code 3 simple steps can get the interface design.



STVC056WT-01 STONE LCD dimensional drawing:



How to use STONE LCD products?


1Design a graphic user interface with our TOOLS 2019 design software.

2Connect the display with your controller through the UART interface, plug, and play.

3Program your controller (any MCU, even 8-bit) to send customized command set through UART interface, to read/write the variable value in the display.



For example:


Setting the number of input data bits is 4 bit, click "Data entering" button to input "1234 ", click "OK":

and the UART returns to the command: A5 5A 06 83 00 20 01 04 D2

A5 5A: Frame head

06: command byte length,

83 00 20 01 04 D2 total 6 bytes (without frame header)

83: Read variable register command

00 20: Variable address, set in control properties

01: Data word length, 04 D2 total 1-word length

04 D2: Data content, 1234 hexadecimal data



After-sales service support:


English version of manual, software, teaching BBB 0.

Professional technical support:

Software training

Fault handling

Demonstration project production

Unlimited warranty policy: any STONE LCD product failure, damage can be replaced free of charge.