Civil type

►Size: 4.3"
►CPU: CortexM4
►Resolution: 480x272(16:9)
►Interface: RS232/RS485/TTL/USB
►Viewing Area (mm): 70.1*52.6
►Brightness(cd/m²): 350; 400; 1000



Size (Inch)

4.3 inch




65536 colors (16 bit)

Viewing Area

95 mm×53.9mm

Pixel Spacing

0.1905mm×0.0635mm (H×V)

Overall Dimension

121.9mm×74.7 mm×13.8 mm(N)/15.4mm(T)

Net Weight

115 g(N)/155 g(T)

 TFT Panel

A Class Industry Panel

Touch Screen

Industry Level 4 wire resistance
Or without touch screen is optional.

Backlight Type



350 cd/m2(Brightness can be adjustable in 100 levels.)



Backlight life

20,000 hours

Viewing Angle

70°/ 70°/ 50°/ 70°(L/R/U/D)

Working Temperature

-20~ +70

Working Humidity

55°C, 85%

Storage Temperature

-30°C ~ +80°C

Screen Mode




LCD Controller


Refresh Rate


Picture Switching Speed

19 ms/frame (53 images/s)

Flash Memory

Standard 128MB, Extension 1GB

Memory Amount for picture

According to the capability of the image, Suggest "JPG" format.


RS232/ RS485/ TTL /USB Interface

Image downloading

USB2.0 (12Mbps) & U storage Disk downloading

Voltage Range

DC6.0V ~ 35V (typical value: 12V)


1.0 W



Working Temperature

-20°C ~ +70°C

 Air Humidity

60°C, 90%

Continuous Vibration Testing

10-55Hz, 1.5mm, 10G

 Impact Acceleration Testing

6ms, 100G

ESD Testing


Radiation Reliability Testing


4.3 inch LCD display description:


STVC043WT-01 is a smart embedded small-sized LCD touch display system. It is a display system with a CORTEX M4 processor, memory, LCD driver, and UART interface.

It is a very simple, convenient and powerful display system, which can give you a lot of advantages on developing a new product.



STVC043WT-01 LCD display dimensional drawing:



STONE LCD display specification:


•  Cortex m4 CPU

•  UART interface (RS232/RS485/TTL)

• 256-byte register

•  128 kb variable memory

•  128 MB flash memory, expandable to 1 GB

•  GUI design software

•  Customized command set

•  Support online download and debugging of USB mini interface, improve the necessary efficiency of research and development, and avoid repeatedly plugging TF CARDS in the debugging process;

•  Support U disk offline batch download, effectively improve the download efficiency, reduce the professional quality requirements of operators;

•  Support hardware JPG decoding, storage more efficient, faster display;

•  Support audio, video playback;

•  Provide supporting configuration development tools and software with the simple operation;

•  File name naming rules are simple, and there is no need to correspond to Flash block Numbers, nor do the tedious manual allocation of Flash blocks.


Simple instructions:


•  Create a customized user interface by the GUI designer. You can add multiple function blocks by click and drag on the visible software interface.

•  Connect the display with your controller by flat 8-pins cable through RS232 interface, plug, and play.

•  Program your micro control unit with any language (C/C++/python, etc) to send customized command set through UART interface, to read/write the variable value in the display.



Sample for developing STONE LCD display


Read version information:

UART send command A5 5A 03 81 00 01

Return A5 5A 04 81 00 01 43

Description: A5 5A: Frame head

04: byte length of command, 81 00 01 43 total 4 bytes (excluding frame header)

81: Read register command

00: register address

01: the byte length of the return data, 43 is 1 byte

43: return data information