Civil type

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Civil type


The STONE Civil Type (STVC) is a high effect-cost ratio type LCD controller display with an LCD drive. The high-quality TFT LCM Display and resistive touch /capacitive touch function will make the LCM screen module be able to qualify for any indoor application or civil equipment.



Now the STONE product is widely used as a colorful TFT display Embedded LCD Display Module for indoor application and HMI screen touch controller in various electronic equipment including:



•   Medical and beauty equipment

•   Smart house control system

•   Home security system

•   Coffee machine TFT controller

•   Vending machine display



As a 14-years professional smart TFT LCD controller board display supplier, we will also provide you professional service including technical support, customized product service, and unlimited warranty:

  • Customizable


    1. Flash memory extend from 128MB to 1GB
    2. Assign the interface type to: RS232/RS485/TTL Full English version manual, software, instruction videos.

  • Professional
    technical support

    Professional<br>technical support

    1 . Software training
    2 . Trouble shooting
    3 . DEMO project making

  • Unlimited
    warranty policy

    Unlimited<br>warranty policy

    Any product failure, 
    damage can be replaced for free.




Model Civil type (STVC) Industrial type (STVI) Advanced type (STVA)
Size (Inch) 3.5-10.1 3.5-10.4 3.5-15.1
Resolution 240P-600P 240P-768P 240P-768P
Color 65K(16 bit) 65K(16 bit) 65K(16 bit)
Pixel spacing 0.1905 mm × 0.0635 mm(H×V) 0.1905 mm × 0.0635 mm(H×V) 0.1905 mm × 0.0635 mm(H×V)
TFT panel A Class industrial panel A+ Class industrial panel A+ class industrial panel
Touch screen Civil level RTP/CTP/NTP Industrial level RTP/CTP/NTP Industrial level RTP/CTP/NTP


STV Company Code
I I=Industrial Type     A=Advanced Type     C=Civil Type
70 TFT Panel Dimension: 7 inch
W W=Wide Voltage 
T T= With Resistive Touch Screen   
N N=Without Touch Screen
C C= With Capacitive Touch Screen
0 0=RS232     4=RS485     1=TTL
1 1=Hardware Code