Advanced type

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Advanced type


The STONE Advance type (STVA serial) is the highest-leveled product in the STONE product list. We are using the component from a top-leveled TFT LCD Touch panel supplier, to make this medical-leveled smart TFT LCD display. With the high luminance (1000 nits) backlight LED visible under sunlight,  the STVA series products serve as TFT LCD displays for outdoor and Medical cosmetology equipment LCD screen applications in different areas.


Now the STONE STVA serial product is widely used as a colorful TFT display monitor for our door industrial system, dashboard and touch controller in various electronic equipment including:



•   Medical and beauty equipment

•   Energy and electric power equipment

•   Instrument

•   Public transportation

•   Dashboard for electrical vehicle

•   TFT LCD display for agriculture equipment



As a 14-years professional smart TFT Display LCD screen supplier, we will also provide you professional service including technical support, customized product service, and unlimited warranty:



  • Customizable


    1. Flash memory extend from 128MB to 1GB
    2. Assign the interface type to: RS232/RS485/TTL Full English version manual, software, instruction videos.

  • Professional
    technical support

    Professional<br>technical support

    1 . Software training
    2 . Trouble shooting
    3 . DEMO project making

  • Unlimited
    warranty policy

    Unlimited<br>warranty policy

    Any product failure, 
    damage can be replaced for free.




Model Civil type (STVC) Industrial type (STVI) Advanced type (STVA)
Size (Inch) 3.5-10.1 3.5-10.4 3.5-15.1
Resolution 240P-600P 240P-768P 240P-768P
Color 65K(16 bit) 65K(16 bit) 65K(16 bit)
Pixel spacing 0.1905 mm × 0.0635 mm(H×V) 0.1905 mm × 0.0635 mm(H×V) 0.1905 mm × 0.0635 mm(H×V)
TFT panel A Class industrial panel A+ Class industrial panel A+ class industrial panel
Touch screen Civil level RTP/CTP/NTP Industrial level RTP/CTP/NTP Industrial level RTP/CTP/NTP


STV Company Code
I I=Industrial Type     A=Advanced Type     C=Civil Type
70 TFT Panel Dimension: 7 inch
W W=Wide Voltage 
T T= With Resistive Touch Screen   
N N=Without Touch Screen
C C= With Capacitive Touch Screen
0 0=RS232     4=RS485     1=TTL
1 1=Hardware Code