Notes for outdoor LCD Display application

We all know that the TFT screen outdoor LCD in the maintenance of the above is very troublesome, but as long as carefully summarize the cleaning technique, outdoor LCD will become very easy to maintain, general users should be used in outdoor LCD screen clean cotton cloth water wipe, do not use any cleaner, or you will lose the shell factory characteristic luster.

1. Outdoor LCD treatment of the protective film

There is a protective film on the surface of the finished module installed to prevent the display surface from being stained during assembly.  Therefore, it shall not be removed before the end of the assembly of the whole machine to avoid dirty or damage to the display surface.

2. The Outdoor TFT module is padded

It is better to add a pad of about 0.1mm between the module and the front panel. The panel should also be flat to avoid distortion after assembly.

3. Outdoor TFT Screen protection against static electricity

The control and drive circuits in the module are low-voltage and micro-power consumption CMOS circuits, which are easily broken down by static electricity, which is irreparable damage. Please be careful not to neglect it. Therefore, in the operation, assembly and use should be extremely careful, to prevent static electricity. To do this:

1). Do not touch the external leads, circuit boards, and IC with your hands;

2), the welding iron must be well-grounded, with no leakage of electricity.

3). If it must be touched directly, the body should be well grounded to the module, or the hand should be in contact with the faucet or the metal frame of the operating table to discharge the electricity.

4. Notes for assembly operation of Outdoor TFT module

1). The LCD module is elaborately designed and assembled. Please do not process or repair it by yourself.

2). Metal frame claw shall not be twisted or removed at will; Do not modify or process PCB board appearance, assembly hole, circuit, and components at will; Do not modify the conductive strip; Do not modify any internal brackets; Do not touch, drop, bend, twist modules and backlit parts;

3). The four mounting holes shall be grounded to prevent electromagnetic interference and external noise.

5. The Outdoor TFT module shall follow the following regulations when welding external leads and interface circuits of the module:

1). If the connection between the liquid crystal module and other peripheral circuits needs to be welded or the original connector changed, please confirm that the lcd module has passed the quality inspection in advance;

2). Soldering iron temperature: 280±10°C; Welding time: <3~4S; Welding material: eutectic, low melting point; Repeat welding shall not exceed 3 times.

3). Do not physically damage LCD and PCB, or it will be beyond repair.

4). do not let the solder drop on the LCD circuit board during welding, otherwise, it will cause abnormal display due to circuit short circuit.


6. Use and maintenance of Outdoor LCD modules

1). The external lead of the liquid crystal module shall not be disconnected, otherwise, it may cause damage to the components of the liquid crystal module such as overcurrent and overvoltage.

2). When the module USES the access power and disconnects the power, the signal level cannot be input until the positive power (5± 0.25v) is connected stably. If the input signal level before or after the power supply is stable, it may damage the IC and other circuits in the module.

3). The contrast and Angle of view of the lattice LCD module are greatly related to the temperature and driving voltage. Therefore, if the VEE adjustment is too high, it will not only affect the display but also shorten the service life of the module.

4). When the module is used below the specified working temperature range, the display response is slow, while when the module is used above the specified working temperature range, the whole display surface will show the full display state. This phenomenon is not that the module is damaged, but only needs to restore to the specified temperature range, everything will return to normal. (should not be used or stored beyond the storage limit temperature range, if the temperature is lower than the crystallization temperature, the liquid crystal will crystallize, destroy the directional layer, make the device useless; If the temperature is too high, the liquid crystal will turn into an isotropic liquid and lose its liquid crystal state, thus losing the function of the liquid crystal device.

5). Pressing hard on the display part will produce an abnormal display. At this time cut off the power supply, wait for a moment, re-power, that is, back to normal.

6). Do not bump against IC on PCB on the back of the module to prevent a short circuit of adjacent pins.

7), when there are water droplets on the screen, to quickly wipe: long time contact with water droplets will make the screen discoloration or spots.

8). When there are stains on the screen, quickly wipe it with absorbent cotton or other soft cloth.

LCD display, although the price is not high, there are various problems. It will have various effects on our work and life. In ordinary life, when using LCD, as long as pay attention to the following points, will extend the life of LCD.

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