Classification of TFT LCD Display Modules

Liquid crystal display module, referred to as "LCM", is a kind of LCD display device, connector, integrated circuit, PCB circuit board, backlight, structural components assembled together.It mainly completes the connection function of LCD.


Classification of liquid crystal display modules



1.Digital LCD module

Segment lcd display devices are mostly used in portable and pocket devices. Because the equipment is small in size, so as far as possible not to show part of the design into separate parts, even though some applications require a separate display component, then should also make it, besides has the display function should also have some information receiving, processing, storage, transfer, and other functions, because they have some general and specific function and welcome by the market. Common digital display lcd modules have the following several.




2. Counting module


This is a seven-segment liquid crystal display device with different bits and decoder driver, or plus counter assembly into a count display unit. It has the function of recording, processing and displaying Numbers.



3. Measuring module


Metering module is A module composed of multiple segment lcd display devices and integrated circuit chips with decoding, driving, counting and A/D conversion functions. Because the integrated circuit used has A/D conversion function, so it can be input analog signal into digital quantity display. We know that any physical quantity, even chemical quantity (such as ph, etc.) can be converted into analog electric quantity, so as long as equipped with a certain number of sensors, this module can realize any amount of yield and display, which is very convenient to use.



4. Timing module


The timing module has the longest history of using liquid crystal display device for timing.Since it does not have a finished clock shell, it is called a timing module. The number displayed by the timing module is composed of two sets of Numbers, because many timing modules also have timing, control functions, so this kind of module can be widely assembled to some power, equipment, such as radio recorder, CD machine, microwave oven, rice cooker and other electrical appliances.



5.LCD dot matrix character module


LCD dot matrix character module is composed of dot matrix character lcd display device, special line and column driver, controller and necessary connecting parts and structural parts, which can display digital and western characters. The dot matrix character module itself has character generator with large display capacity and rich functions.



6.Dot matrix graphics liquid crystal module


Lattice graphics lcd module is also a kind of lattice module, which is characterized by the continuous arrangement of pixels in a lattice, with no empty space in the arrangement of rows and columns. Therefore, continuous and complete graphics can be displayed. Since it is also composed of x-y matrix pixels, it can display characters in addition to graphics. There are mainly the following types:



1. Row and column driven

2. Row and column driven - controlled

3. Row and column control



The main parameters of LCD module


1. Resolution

2. Contrast

3. brightness

4. Signal response time

5. Visual Angle