STONE Mid-Year Summary

Halfway through 2018, looking back over the past six months, what are the benefits of STONE Tech, what goals and plans!


The product has been fully upgraded. For example, the CPU is fully upgraded from CortexM3 to CortexM4, and the operating temperature is more stable. 




Location: Experience the world of embedded systems
Exhibition Centre
Nürnberg, Germany
Time: 2018.2.27-3.1
Exhibition name: embedded world 2018
At the show, Stonen demonstrated a range of products from a minimum size of 3.5 inches to a maximum size of 15.1 inches.




Location: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre 1, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Time: 2018.4.13-16
Exhibition Name: Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)
At the show, Stoneton screens give customers a high-sensitivity, high-definition experience with multiple operating interfaces.



Location: Centro Banamex Mexico City
Time: 2018.6.5-6.7

The TFT-LCD color user interface and touch function provided by Stonen are easy to operate, reducing the development time and cost of engineers.
In the second half of September, India’s electronica India 2018 exhibition and November’s electronica 2018 exhibition in Germany are under intense preparations...

STONE employees will continue to work hard to bring better products and services to their customers.