Medical TFT Manufacturers -LCDS For Medical Devices

STONE intelligent TFT LCD display module manufacturer focuses on the research and development of HMI display module products, which are widely used in the fields of medical equipment LCD, industrial terminal TFT LCD, civil terminal display screen, and intelligent home control panel.(Click here to see the Display Heart Rate on the LCD with Arduino development case:

It also reflects the high recognition of STONE LCD module product quality and service from the side.

Functions and features of TFT display module as medical LCD controllers beauty equipment:

1. Good use characteristics:

low voltage application, low drive voltage, solid use safety, and reliability improvement; Flat, light, and thin, saving a lot of raw materials and space; Low power consumption, its power consumption is about one-tenth of the CRT display, reflective TFT-LCD is only about one percent of the CRT, saving a lot of energy; TFT LCD products also have specifications, models, size series, variety, convenient and flexible use, maintenance, update, upgrade easy, long service life and many other characteristics.

2. Good environmental protection features:

no radiation, no flicker, no harm to users’ health. In particular, the appearance of TFT-LCD electronic books and periodicals will bring mankind into the era of a paperless office and paperless printing, and trigger the revolution of human learning, communication, and recording civilization.

3. Wide range of applications,

From -20℃ to +50℃ temperature range can be used normally, after temperature reinforcement TFT-LCD low temperature working temperature can reach minus 80℃. It can be used as a mobile terminal display, desktop terminal display, and large screen projection TV. It is a full-size video display terminal with excellent performance.

4. High degree of automation of manufacturing technology and good characteristics of large-scale industrial production.

Medical TFT LCD equipment TFT-LCD industry technology is mature, mass production rate reached more than 90%.

5. TFT LCD is easy to be integrated and updated.

It is a perfect combination of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuit technology and light source technology and has great potential for further development. There are amorphous, polycrystalline, and monocrystalline TFT-LCDs, and there will be TFTs of other materials, both glass, and plastic.

Technical features of TFT LCD:

1. Large area:

The first generation of large-area glass substrate (300mm×400mm) TFT-LCD production line was put into production in the early 1990s. By the first half of 2000, the area of glass substrate has been expanded to 680mm×880mm.

2. Powerful functions:

TFT was first used as a matrix location circuit to improve the characteristics of liquid crystal optical valves. For high-resolution display screens, the accurate control of object elements is achieved through voltage adjustment in the range of 0-6v (its typical value is 0.2 to 4V), thus making it possible for LCD to achieve a high-quality high-resolution display.

3. Low cost:

Glass substrate and plastic substrate fundamentally solve the cost problem of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits and open up wide application space for large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits.

4. Flexible process:

In addition to the traditional process of film formation, such as sputtering and CVD(chemical vapor deposition) and MCVD(molecular chemical vapor deposition), laser annealing technology has also been applied, which can produce both amorphous and polycrystalline films as well as monocrystalline films. Not only can make silicon membrane, also can make other Ⅱ – Ⅵ and Ⅲ – Ⅴ semiconductor thin film.

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