Many clients send us emails asking us to buy medical supplies

The demand for medical supplies has never been higher.

A novel coronavirus is spreading even faster than before. Now the virus has spread to more countries.

Judging from the current spread trend of a novel coronavirus, China is becoming one of the safest places in the world.

Our company donated a large number of surgical masks and other medical supplies to Wuhan.

If our customers need these medical supplies, we will use our domestic channels and relationships to help them get them.

List of medical supplies:

  • Virus detection kit;
  • Protective clothing, masks, thermometer, and other materials;
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic drugs.

If you need these medical supplies, please leave a message on the website. We will reply to your message immediately.

If you and your country/region are in a state of emergency, please contact us.

As long as we support each other, the virus will be defeated!

The following are the company’s existing wholesale channels for medical equipment

1. STONE and Shanghai dasheng provide high-quality masks N95 to customers worldwide, including:

  • Disposable mask
  • Medical-surgical mask with EU certification and qualification.
  • Dasheng medical protective mask with EU, FCC certification, and qualification.

United Nations secretary-general Antonio Guterres said: “We are facing a crisis unprecedented in the 75-year history of the United Nations. It causes human suffering, affects the global economy, and destroys people’s lives. A global recession is a near certainty, perhaps even a record-breaking one. According to the international labor organization, workers around the world could lose $3.4 trillion in income this year, a humanitarian crisis that requires solidarity to survive“.

Beijing STONE hopes to unite customers around the world to tide over the outbreak.

2. COVID-19 screening medical supplies

The first novel coronavirus detection reagent was approved in Guangdong province.

Novel coronavirus2019-nCoV nucleic acid detection kit

Registration certificate no.: state equipment registration permit 20203400063

Oral sampling, no need to draw blood

  • 36 hours to issue the hospital approved test results
  • State key biological laboratory testing
  • Professional nurses to the enterprise one-on-one sampling

* Double targets

The ORF1ab and N genes were detected simultaneously

* Endogenous internal criteria

Can effectively monitor the false-negative and evaluate whether the sample is qualified


3. Medical supplies for accurate temperature screening

  • Precise single point & multi-point high-temperature intelligent tracking alarm
  • Quickly identify and track people with fever and automatically alarm them
  • Set infrared and visible light in one, monitoring effect is excellent

① Networking scheme — economical (accuracy ±0.1℃ to ±0.2℃)




  • 1 set of the high-precision black body
  • 1 temperature measuring camera (with alarm)
  • 1 computer (install temperature measuring software)


  1. Rapid detection of the non-contact body temperature of the incoming and outgoing persons, with the temperature measurement accuracy ±0.1℃;
  2. Can set the detection area, support point, line, frame temperature measurement
  3. Alarm temperature threshold can be set, over the threshold is the alarm
  4. The detection range is 1-10 meters and the detection coverage width is 3 meters

② Accurate temperature screening (economy) later expansion

High precision black body

Temperature stability: ±(0.1 ~ 0.2)℃

Thermal imaging camera

  1. Automatic face detection and automatic face temperature measurement;
  2. Double light fusion
  3. after the detection of suspected fever, an automatic acoustooptic prompt

Client monitoring software

Realize over-temperature alarm and spring screen

Medical equipment for accurate temperature screening Application scenarios

Airport - railway - station - customs and other core passageway used for temperature measuring instruments

Airport railway station customs and another core passageway


main indoor entrances and exits such as schools and hospitals

in public places such as schools and hospitals

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