Man-Machine Touch Demonstration of Multi Function Automobile Service Equipment

As a kind of simple and convenient car service equipment, a multi-function car service machine is more and more favored by consumers. It saves money and has fun. The key is convenience.

The demonstration of multi-functional vehicle service equipment to solve the problem is to provide a self-service multi-functional vehicle service machine, in order to solve the current market of self-service control equipment function is single, the control system is backward, intelligence degree is not high.

In view of the above shortcomings existing in the existing technology, the technical scheme of the multi-functional vehicle service equipment used in the demonstration of the vehicle service equipment is as follows:

  • Multi-function self-service car machine, including key function, the main control chip, coin function, cleaning function, emission function, timing function, pay function, etc.
  • The new multi-functional car service application demonstrated in the video is an example. Owners only need to drop coins to start the self-service and choose different functions at will, which are convenient and fast, economical, and environmentally friendly.
  • The demonstration of multi-functional car service equipment, mainly used in the underground parking lot, gas station, residential parking lot, car beauty shop, garden square, and other occasions.
  • •Self-service car service is a new type of project, it is very convenient and fast so that owners can use it anytime and anywhere when they are shopping and entertainment.

In order to provide customers with the best solution, Membo tested the display screens of several brands. Membo proposed their product requirements to Stone, and finally chose the STVC70WT-01 model of Stone as the best solution for the final implementation of its project.

MEMBO is a company focused on solution development (research and development). The company combines industry experience and technology to find the best product or service for your needs. Membo has an interdisciplinary team that covers a wide range of areas, such as:

  • The health industry, developing equipment and solutions to deliver better experiences by implementing the most advanced technologies.
  • Artificial intelligence, through the implementation of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things technology, facial recognition, and other solutions and project development.
  • IND, Oils, develops solutions in the hydrocarbon, oil, and lubricant fields.
  • Industrial control, for different industries, to develop solutions in the areas of automation, quality control, and access control tailored to their specific needs.
  • Quality inspection, equipment, and instrument development focus on the review and classification of production line elements.
  • User experience, design and develop personalized user experiences for interacting with services or products.
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