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Asia has long dominated the display module TFT LCD manufacturers’ scene. After all, most major display module manufacturers can be found in countries like China, South Korea, Japan, and India.

However, the United States doesn’t fall short of its display module manufacturers. Most American module companies may not be as well-known as their Asian counterparts, but they still produce high-quality display products for both consumers and industrial clients.

In this post, we’ll list down 7 best display module TFT LCD manufacturers in the USA. We’ll see why these companies deserve recognition as top players in the American display module industry.

Also, we’ll quickly introduce STONE Technologies and why many customers flock to this Chinese company for their LCD panel module needs.

Quick Overview of STONE Technologies

STONE Technologies is a leading display module TFT LCD manufacturer in the world. The company is based in Beijing, China, and has been in operations since 2010. STONE quickly grew to become one of the most trusted display module manufacturers in 14 years.

Products created by STONE Technologies include:

  • Intelligent TFT LCD module
  • TFT LCD displays
  • Outdoor TFT LCD modules
  • Sunlight-readable LCDs
  • Custom displays
  • Capacitive and Resistive touch display modules
  • Serial LCD displays
  • Graphic LCD modules
  • English version of manual
  • STONE Designer (free GUI design software)
  • Teaching
  • Software training
  • Fault handling
  • Demonstration project production
  • Unlimited warranty policy: any product failure, damage can be replaced free of charge

These products are all widely used in various industries such as in medicine, home security, automotive, energy field solar charging, and domestic equipment use.

Selecting a Chinese LCD display manufacturer such as STONE has lots of advantages:

  • You get products developed by people with high levels of expertise in electronics and modules creation.
  • All finished modules passed continuing stringent quality checks starting at the production line.
  • The company has a strong in-house team for research and development, enabling them to offer fresh products and unique ideas.
  • Display modules are made available at affordable prices.

Meanwhile, here are specific advantages you get when partnering with STONE Technologies:

  • Customizable options
  • Low minimum order quantity (MOQ)
  • Faster leading time from date of order confirmation
  • Display modules covered by a 3-year warranty
  • A responsive customer service team
  • Free dedicated software for creating graphical user interfaces (TOOLS 2019)
  • Highly-reputable with several certifications such as ISO 9001

It’s no wonder many clients such as Siemens, Bosch, and General Electric patronize STONE Tech’s top-notch display module products.

Now, let’s move on to the list of the best display module manufacturers in USA. These companies are your best picks if you need to find a display module TFT LCD manufacturer based in the United States:

American Display Module TFT LCD Manufacturers List

1. Planar Systems

Planar Systems is a digital display company headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon. It specializes in providing digital display solutions such as LCD video walls and large format LCD displays.

The company started in 1983 as a corporate spin-off from the American oscilloscope company Tektronix. In 2015, Planar Systems became a subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer Leyard Optoelectronics.

Planar Systems is an American pioneer in manufacturing electroluminescent (EL) digital displays. At present, the products they offer include:

  • LCD and LED video walls
  • Rear projection video walls
  • Touch screen kiosks and displays
  • Large-format LCDs
  • Monitors for desktops
  • Touch computer monitors
  • 4K large format displays

Planar’s manufacturing facilities are located in Finland, France, and North America. Specifically, large-format displays are manufactured and assembled in Albi, France.

What makes Planar among the best display module manufacturers in the USA? Satisfied clients have this to say:

  • Planar has over 30 years of experience in the flat-panel industry
  • The company is a pioneer in rear projection displays
  • Has a broad portfolio of quality products for all kinds of display needs
  • Is flexible enough to accommodate various kinds of project requirements

Another thing that makes Planar successful is its relentless focus on its customers. The company listens to what each customer requires so that they can come up with effective display solutions to address these needs.

2. Microtips Technology

Microtips Technology is a global electronics manufacturer based in Orlando, Florida. The company was established in 1990 and has grown into a strong fixture in the LCD industry.

Here’s a list of products that Microtips Technology creates:

  • OLED LCD screens (active matrix and passive matrix)
  • Monochrome LCDs for character or graphic display
  • Custom segment LCDs

Microtips also provides value-added services to all its clients. The company’s Electronic Manufacturing Services team gives product suggestions and shares insights on how clients can successfully manage their projects.

Taiwan and Mainland China are two Asian countries where Microtips set up their manufacturing plants. The factories boast of modern equipment, high-quality raw materials, and stringent quality control measures. Microtips even earned ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications for excellent quality management.

What makes Microtips a great display module TFT LCD manufacturer in the USA lies in its close ties with all its customers. It does so by establishing a good rapport with its clients starting from the initial product discussions. Microtips manages to keep this exceptional rapport throughout the entire client relationship by:

  • Following the complete life cycle of the clients’ LCD product orders
  • Brainstorming with the clients and giving professional product insights
  • Continuously offering support even after the products have been delivered

All these efforts earned Microtips a wide range of clients in various fields such as healthcare, telecommunications, and consumer industries.

3. Displaytech

Displaytech is an American display module TFT LCD manufacturer headquartered in Carlsbad, California. It was founded in 1989 and is part of several companies under the Seacomp group. The company specializes in manufacturing small to medium-sized LCD modules for various devices across all possible industries.

Main products offered by Displaytech include:

  • Monochrome LCD modules
  • RGB LED backlights
  • Segmented TN LCD modules
  • Microdisplays using ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon (FLCOS) technology

The company also manufactures embedded TFT devices, interface boards, and LCD development boards. Also, Displaytech offers design services for embedded products, display-based PCB assemblies, and turnkey products.

Displaytech makes it easy for clients to create their own customized LCD modules. There is a feature called Design Your Custom LCD Panel found on their site. Clients simply need to input their specifications such as their desired dimensions, LCD configuration, attributes, connector type, operating and storage temperature, and other pertinent information. Clients can then submit this form to Displaytech to get feedback, suggestions, and quotes.

Clients are assured of high-quality products from Displaytech. This is because of the numerous ISO certifications that the company holds for medical devices, automotive, and quality management. Displaytech also holds RoHS and REACH certifications.

A vast product range, good customization options, and responsive customer service – all these factors make Displaytech among the leading LCD manufacturers in the USA.

4. Phoenix Display

Phoenix Display is another LCD module manufacturer in the USA. Its corporate headquarters is found in Chandler, Arizona.

Products that Phoenix Display offers include standard, semi-custom, and fully-customized LCD modules. Specifically, these products comprise Phoenix Display’s offerings:

  • Small format character displays
  • Monochrome graphic displays
  • Mono TFT
  • Standard format TFTs
  • Bar-type TFTs
  • OLED modules
  • Touch panel integrations

The company utilizes updated technologies in its manufacturing lines. Some of the technological trends it uses include:

  • Tape Automated Bonding (TAB)
  • Chip on Glass (COG)
  • Chip on Flex (COF)
  • Chip on Board (COB)

Phoenix Display also integrates the display design to all existing peripheral components, thereby lowering manufacturing costs, improving overall system reliability, and removes unnecessary interconnects.

Clients flock to Phoenix Display because of their decades-long experience in the display manufacturing field. The company also combines its technical expertise with its competitive manufacturing capabilities to produce the best possible LCD products for its clients.

5. True Vision Displays

True Vision Displays is an American display module TFT LCD manufacturing company located at Cerritos, California. It specializes in LCD display solutions for special applications in modern industries. Most of their clients come from highly-demanding fields such as aerospace, defense, medical, and financial industries.

The company produces several types of TFT LCD products. Most of them are industrial-grade and comes in various resolution types such as VGA, QVGA, XGA, and SXGA. Clients may also select product enclosures for these modules.

Apart from those products, True Vision Displays also manufactures:

  • Heater/EMI/Touch Screen
  • Dual-mode NVIS Backlight Systems
  • Custom-built LCDs, LED design, backlights, and enclosures

All products feature high-bright LCD systems that come from the company’s proprietary low-power LED backlight technology. The modules and screens also come in ruggedized forms perfect for highly-demanding outdoor industrial use.

Slow but steady growth has always been True Vision Display’s business strategy. And the company continues to be known globally through its excellent quality display products, robust research and development team, top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities, and straightforward client communication.

6. LXD Incorporated

LXD Incorporated is among the earliest LCD manufacturers in the world. The company was founded in 1968 by James Fergason under the name International Liquid Xtal Company (ILIXCO). Its first headquarters was in Kent, Ohio. At present, LXD is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The company prides itself as the pioneer of twisted nematic LCD panels. But today, LXD offers more display module products:

  • TFT-LCD with either CCFL or LED backlights
  • Character module displays
  • Segment and graphic glass displays
  • OLED graphic and character modules

All of their display modules can be customized to fit any kind of specifications their clients may require. Display modules also pass through a series of reliability tests before leaving the manufacturing line. As such, LXD’s products can withstand extreme outdoor environments and operates on a wide range of temperature conditions.

LXD has research centers and factories in both the United States and China. The US-based headquarters feature a massive 30,000 square feet of manufacturing and research development centers. Meanwhile, LXD’s Chinese facilities feature a large 5,000 square meters of cleanrooms for manufacturing modular and glass products.

LXD values its clients’ satisfaction. Hence, the company creates products to fill in unique customer needs in the field of digital displays.

7. Crystalfontz America

Cystalfontz America is a leading supplier and manufacturer of HMI display solutions. The company is located in Spokane Valley, Washington. It has been in the display solutions business since 1998.

Products offered by Crystalfontz America include:

  • Character LCD displays
  • USB LCD displays
  • EVE TFT Displays
  • LCD Drive Bay Display Kits
  • OLED Displays

Crystalfontz also offers LCD accessories and Arduino ePaper Development Kits.

Crystalfontz takes pride in its ISO 9001 certification, meaning the company has effective quality control measures in place for all of its products. After all, providing high-quality products to all customers remains the company’s topmost priority. Hence, many clients from small hobbyists to large top-tier American companies partner with Crystalfontz for their display solution needs.


We’ve listed the top 7 display module TFT LCD manufacturers in the USA. All these companies may not be as well-known as other Asian manufacturers are, but they are equally competent and can deliver high-quality display products according to the client’s specifications. Contact any of them if you need a US-based manufacturer to service your display solutions needs.

We also briefly touched on STONE Technologies, another excellent LCD module manufacturer based in China. Consider partnering with STONE if you want top-of-the-line smart LCD products and you’re not necessarily looking for a US-based manufacturer. STONE will surely provide the right display solution for your needs anywhere you are in the globe.

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