7 causes of LCD Display screen flicker

The reason for LCD Display flashing screen: shielding coil; Signal interference; Hardware; Refresh frequency setting; Monitor time is too long; Too high frequency; Similar to the frequency of the light source.

CCFL backlit display versus LED-backlit display

LCD display, divided into CCFL backlight and LED backlight two. When the display uses CCFL backlight (that is, usually said LCD display), backlight power off, the lamp will continue to emit light for about a few milliseconds; When the display is backlit with an LED (commonly referred to as an LED backlight display), the characteristics of the LED light allow it to control the speed of switching on and off the power supply more quickly, so there will be no continuous lighting when the power is off. Therefore, the LED backlight flashing screen will be more obvious than the CCFL backlight.

The reason for LCD screen flashing

1. the LCD Display cable shielding coil

Whether the cable connecting the LCD has no shielding coil, if there is no anti-interference black bump, will also interfere with the screen.

2. Whether there is signal interference near the LCD Display (strong electric field or strong magnetic field interference)

LCD is easily disturbed by a strong electric field or magnetic field, and sometimes the screen jitter is caused by the magnetic field or electric field near the LCD. To liquid crystal display ruled out clean everything around interference, the computer can be moved to an empty table, surrounded by the boot test, if the screen dithering phenomenon disappears, it means that your computer where you found it has a strong electric field or magnetic field interference, please send suspiciously (e.g., speakers of the subwoofer, power transformers, magnetizing cup, etc.) from a computer nearby.

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3. LCD Display hardware problems

Turn off the LCD and turn it back on a few times to degaussing. (today’s monitors have automatic degaussing when turned on.) LCD screen flashing reason: LCD screen refresh rate problem & display and video card hardware problems display.

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4. Refresh the frequency setting of the LCD Display

In fact, the main reason for the LCD screen dither is the LCD refresh frequency set lower than 75Hz caused by, at this time the screen often appears dither, flicker phenomenon, we only need to put the refresh rate to 75Hz above, then the phenomenon of the screen dither will not appear.

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5. the use of LCD display time is too long

Sometimes because the use of liquid crystal display time is too long, there will be a jitter phenomenon. In order to test whether the electronic components inside the display are old or not, the faulty display can be connected to someone else’s computer for testing. If the fault still disappears, the display is broken and needs to be repaired.

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6. The frequency of the LCD display screen itself is too high, resulting in a flashing screen

The frequency of the LCD display screen itself is too high, which leads to screen flashing. Generally, there are a few problems in real life that cause screen flashing due to high frequency. People’s naked eyes have no flicker feeling for the picture over 60hz, while the design standard of the general LCD display screen is basically maintained on this data, so the frequency will not be too high under normal circumstances, but at the same time, the screen itself can not be ruled out fault. After the relevant instrument measurement is indeed the fault of the screen itself, in addition to the replacement of a new monochrome LCD screen is the design of equipment-related software.

7. LCD display and light source frequency similar to cause flashing screen

LCD display and light source frequency close to the situation of the splash screen is very common, because the frequency of the different light sources is different, in certain cases, the frequency of the LCD display screen and artificial light similar flicker is also more common, the best way at this time is a kind of artificial light or LCD display equipment, avoid the splash screen.

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The above is to give you the reorganization of the 7 causes of LCD Display screen flicker

LCD display, although the price is not high, there are various problems. It will have various effects on our work and life. In ordinary life, when using LCD, as long as pay attention to the following points, will extend the life of the LCD.

7 causes of LCD Display screen flicker

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