LCD Display Monitor still Account for the Largest Share of the Monitor Market

In the monitoring industry, CRT display monitors monopolized the market for a long time. Before the LCD display monitor technology became mature, CRT monitors were always the leading technology.

From cathode-ray tube display technology, LCD display monitor technology, plasma display technology to organic light-emitting diode display technology evolution, CRT monitors than LCD display monitors in thickness, weight, brightness, resolution, function, perspective, response time, operating temperature range, and other aspects are much better.

The picture tube also evolves from the sphere, plane right Angle, cylinder to the flat picture tube, and the image is realistic without deformation. For example, plasma monitor is a new generation of products after CRT/LCD display, its features are thin thickness, excellent resolution, can be made large monitors, there is no curved visual surface, the color of the display is more beautiful, more colorful, application prospect is very broad.


The LCD display monitor is currently recognized as the most suitable for application in the security field as a professional monitoring terminal product.

With the upsurge of urban construction in Ping An, China, the monitoring industry has developed rapidly, and so has the monitor in recent years. For example, the service life of the LCD screen under normal circumstances can reach more than 50,000 hours, the resolution can easily achieve the standard HD above and even reach the full HD level of 1080P, power and heat is relatively small. The excellent quality makes the LCD display monitor get market recognition quickly.

The development of an assembled large-screen monitor is inseparable from the development of a traditional CLOSED-circuit TELEVISION monitoring system, data acquisition system, and computer network system. Assembled large-screen is a screen wall composed of a single monitor, whose main function is to complete the terminal display of monitoring cage and surface. Although the development of monitors towards thin and thin monitors still adheres to the “big is beautiful” strategy, a large LCD Mosaic display wall emerged.

At present, the application of color large screen splicing system is increasing obviously. Video conference venues, security monitoring centers are increasingly using LCD display large screen Mosaic systems.

The Mosaic screen LCD display field can be divided into 3 major technologies:

  • DLP display
  • PDP display
  • LCD display

And other splicing display technologies.

Among them, the LCD display monitor Mosaic wall has the most development advantage.

Now, splicing large LCD display monitors have been widely used in various industries, from the earliest radio and television to urban emergency command, public security 110, traffic police command center, power monitoring, finance, water conservancy, railway, and other industries, as well as community, public places, factory production monitoring, and so on.

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