LCD Display in Snack Vending Machine

Drinks and snacks have always been popular with young people and children, especially in summer. Nowadays, brick-and-mortar retail is becoming more and more dispersed, and it starts to transform from the traditional brick-and-mortar scene to the segmented scene. For example, in the community, office scene, school, and other places, you can see the figure of comprehensive snack vending machine of drinks and snacks.
The most direct contact between snack vending machines and customers is the human-computer interactive display screen. As consumers interact with the screen every day, snack vending machines have higher requirements on the service life of the display screen itself. Choose the display screen and other important accessories of a cheap snack vending machine, which has a short service life and increases the maintenance cost of a snack vending machine. From another point of view, it increases the cost of the product.
Therefore, when choosing LCD accessories for snack vending machines, you need to choose a high-quality touch display screen.

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Snacks vending machines and display screen daily maintenance tips

1. Regularly check the amount of cash in the snack vending machine

Although mobile payment is gradually accepted by the public, cash payment is still necessary. It is a pity that the transaction fails due to the lack of cash in the machine. It is necessary to replenish enough cash in time to ensure the normal operation of the vending machine.

2. Check the snack vending machine coin reader regularly

In addition to cash, the vending machine also needs to be maintained. It is easy to get dirty every time it is used.

3. Clean the pickup ports of snack vending machines frequently

The traditional vending machine’s pick-up port is below, which is easy to get dirty. We can clean the pickup port with a wet paper towel or a slightly wet soft cloth to keep the machine clean and tidy.
Regularly clean the touch screen vending machine LCD display dust of snack vending machines.

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4. Dust deposition is inevitable after the equipment is used for a long time

Regularly remove the dust on the back and bottom of the wire mesh fence of the snack vending machine, and timely clean the dust on the surface of the touch screen of the snack vending machine, which can improve the heat dissipation of the equipment and maintain the stable operation of the machine. When cleaning, apply a micro-wet soft cloth to wipe away the dirt on the display screen, and wipe the surface of electrical parts with a dry cloth.

5. Clean and maintain the cabinet of snack vending machine

Vending machines use the time to grow, inside a cabinet put oneself in another’s position can have a certain odor, can breed bacterium even, affect commodity original taste to wait. If you are indoors, it is recommended that the machine be cleaned and maintained regularly after 30 days of use. If the machine is placed in an outdoor environment, it is recommended to clean and maintain the machine within 7 to 15 days.
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