LCD Display For Veding Machines15-inch Capacitive Touch Screen

The type, structure, and function of vending machines vary according to the items on sale. There are four kinds of common vending machines: beverage vending machines, food vending machines, general vending machines, and cosmetics vending machines.
The general vending machine consists of coin devices, indicator devices, storage, and so on. The coin device is the core of the vending machine. Its main function is to confirm the authenticity of the coin input, sort the coin and calculate the amount.
STONE intelligent LCD display module with single-chip microcomputer developed automatic control device, powerful function, high reliability, easy to use, simple maintenance. Therefore, this display module with a control driver is widely used in touch screen vending machine applications.

Features of LCD touch screen display used in a vending machine display:

15-inch capacitive touch screen

The LCD panel: A+ Class Industry Panel;
Backlight Type: LED;
Backlight life: 30,000 hours;
Support embedded installation;
Highlight display, display brightness 300cd/ square meter;
Multi-point anti-riot capacitive touch screen;
Touch screen communication interface: RS232/RS485/TTL/USB;
Viewing Angle: 304.1*228.1;
Resolution: 1024*768;
Wide temperature screen,
The operating temperature of the display is -30-85 degrees,
Storage temperature -30-85 ° c;
The LCD has a fast response time, which will not cause tail dragging and delay.
The input voltage of the touch display is dc6.0v.

LCD touch display module used in a vending machine: embedded in a vending machine, vending machine, vending machine, vending machine, vending machine, automatic adult products vending machine, as the user operation screen.

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