What is an industrial touch screen?

For touch screens, we all often see, such as our current mobile phone screen, is a touch screen, the bank of the station-to-station machine, is also a touch screen, what is the industrial touch screen?

You can think of the industrial touch screen as just a fine classification of the touch screen, divided into an industrial touch screen, a general touch screen, divided into these two.

Classification of touch screen

Universal touch screen

The universal touch screen is what we can often see, the bank call machine, or now the ATM is on the touch screen, and the hospital self-service registration machine, and so on, which belong to the universal touch screen, their use environment is the most ordinary environment.

Industrial touch screen

Industrial touch screen with the biggest difference between general touch screen is used in the industrial environment, environmental factors are more complex, such as factories, high temperature or low temperature, vibration, dust, etc., will have a great influence on the performance of the touch screen, so the use of touch screen in a special environment, you should use a high performance, good protective product, this is our common industrial touch screen.

Introduction of industrial touch screen

First, let’s take a look at the industrial touch screen. The industrial touch screen is the carrier of human-computer interaction Interface in a special environment. Generally, we call the industrial touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface).

Types of industrial touch screens

In fact, touch screens are mainly divided into two categories, one is embedded Windows system touch screens, the other is embedded manufacturers integrated touch screens.

Embedded Windows touch the touch screen is actually a computer, and the computer mouse and keyboard to canceled, will make the touch screen, in the form of the touch screen inside Windows system, practice with other computers, also can install various software, is actually the mouse and keyboard on the screen. If you want to do this kind of touch screen industrial monitoring, monitoring equipment-related parameters, process engineering, is the need to install the configuration software, the configuration software is usually installed on the computer with us any other software, the software installed on your system, we can choose the system boot automatically start when the configuration software, specific function, to be set in the software and computer.

Manufacturer integrated manufacturer of touch the touch screen is separate development, embedded Windows system, the configuration software directly to the integration with touch screen, the touch screen is to do the commonly used industrial automation equipment, is generally small, and the use of more stable, because touch screen system is actually the software, rather than put a software based on Windows system, so the more stable, for programming, the manufacturers will need to use special programming software operation, each big manufacturer has the independent programming software of each big manufacturer.

Industrial touch screen manufacturers

For industrial touch screens, manufacturers are now more, whether domestic or foreign, generally do industrial will have their own independent touch screen. Manufacturers are divided into two categories: configuration software that needs to be installed on Windows, and integrated touch screens.

As for the touch screen, it is a human-machine interactive tool that we use. We should choose the corresponding equipment according to the site environment and requirements of a party and the conditions of the project. The purpose is the same, but the appropriate equipment should be selected according to the specific situation.

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