Industrial all in one PC Touch Screen

In the industrial field, the industrial machine capacitive touch will replace the resistive touch method? With the modern demand for intelligence, touch screens as one of the main categories of intelligent performance, its application market is expanding. The current market size of consumer displays is around 100 billion U.S. dollars, while the current market size of the industrial sector accounts for only 1.2 billion U.S. dollars. But with the growth in handheld devices, monitors, industrial all-in-one machines, industrial displays, and other interactive applications, the industrial sector demand for touch screens is also on the rise.

At the same time, in the general environment of industrial intelligent automation transformation, like industrial all-in-one machines, industrial touch monitors, and other touch display devices application surface is growing in popularity, is one of the main segments of the industrial sector electric touch screen market growth.

Industrial all-in-one machine market mainstream touch method

First of all, let’s first understand the industrial all-in-one machine what are the mainstream touch methods on the market today. At present, the industrial all-in-one machine touch screen category, mainly resistive screen, capacitive screen, infrared touch screen, surface acoustic wave screen, non-touch, and other touch methods, but for the touch display equipment industry, the user demand for resistive touch screen and the capacitive touch screen is the largest.

At the same time, as a professional industrial intelligent automation touch display equipment manufacturers, STONE based on their years of accumulated industry experience, also summarized some user demand habits in the touch mode. For example, if the industrial all-in-one machine in the application scenario like the electrical room cabinet, most users generally choose the capacitive touch way, while if the application in the construction site is dusty, watery, greasy, and other scenarios, and the need to wear gloves to operate the harsh industrial use environment, it is more suitable for resistive touch way.

Industrial all-in-one machine capacitive, resistive touch screen applications face to face than

The above-mentioned industrial all-in-one machine capacitive touch screen and resistive screen characteristics of some industrial use scenarios, but in fact in the field of industrial automation, today’s demand for resistive touch screen, far greater than a capacitive touch screen. This is inseparable from the resistive screen pressure touch principle, applicable to harsh environments, as well as technical maturity, low cost, and other advantages.

And because of the capacitive touch technology compared to the late start of resistive technology, technology development there are still some limitations, so in the industrial application of the surface is not as wide as the resistive touch screen. But capacitive touch screen occupies the multi-touch technical advantages, and because of its working principle of human body current induction, touch to bring users a more intelligent, more sensitive experience, by more and more users welcome and favored.

The main manufacturers of industrial all-in-one capacitive touch screen

The domestic industrial sector has been, basically maintaining the dominant position of foreign industrial brands, the development of local brands in a less favorable market situation. But with the recent years, the domestic investment in technology research and development, the leading domestic enterprises, more and more local brands gradually in the apportionment of the domestic industrial market, for touch display equipment market as well.

In the touch display equipment industry, the development of local brands is full of momentum. There are Advantech, Advantech, Advantech, Advantech, Advantech River, North China Industrial Control, and other brands, and for industrial all-in-one machine touch mode, general professional touch display equipment manufacturers, the basic will contain capacitive touch, resistive touch, infrared touch, non-touch and other diverse ways for users to choose.

The future trend of industrial all-in-one touch screen

Nowadays, in the industrial field, for the industrial all-in-one machine touch control method, in production data input and other scenarios, although the traditional mouse, keyboard plus resistive touch screen method is still the main. But when the site-local data adjustment, through the resistive touch screen, the user will prefer the capacitive touch method.

At the same time, along with the continuous development and maturity of capacitive touch technology, the cost of capacitive screens will continue to reduce, coupled with its own advantages of a better experience, the future projected in the industrial machine capacitive touch way will also be more and more manufacturers and users of choice, and responsive capacitive screen or will gradually replace the resistive screen.

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