Indoor IQA solutions with FBAR Technology and STONE LCD

Indoor air pollution with VOC is becoming the major health issue of humankind. Smart house systems and VOC sensors will give us a solution to monitor the indoor IAQ.

With the development of the model industrial, air pollution becomes a major issue for humankind’s health.

We used to focus on the outdoor air problem around 10 years ago. Particle matter (PM) is a frequently heard word in the news and reports. People used to think that staying at home and closing the window will isolate them from the pollution. But indoor air pollution also become a point which we can’t ignore right now. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have been proofed to be related to many kinds of major decease, such as formaldehyde and leukemia.

The organic compound material and the indoor air-quality control become more and more important these days. With the development of the smart house device and VOC sensor, indoor IQA equipment ( more and more popular. It used to be a very expensive and professional device, which could only be operated by a specific operator. Nowadays it becomes simple and affordable.

STONE TFT LCD plays an important role in the smart house system. The intelligent TFT LCD module allows the manufacturer to design a simple and easy GUI system, which could display the icons and numbers, show the IQA/temperature/humidity and different kinds of parameters, and easily communicate with the main controller via the UART interface.

The VOC sensors have been also developed. The SOREX Sensors, UK will release small-sized, low power consumption sensors which could detect 5 different kinds of VOC including formaldehyde.

The combination of this 2 kinds of devices could give us a user-friendly, affordable home use indoor IQA monitor. And the possibility of smart house systems and intelligent equipment will help us to have a better and healthy life in the future.

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