How to find good LCD Display manufacturers?

We hope that every customer could maintain stable and continuous cooperation with our TFT LCD manufacturers.

However, there are still many customers worried that it will spend much time or energy on how to find a good LCD display manufacturers.

Moreover, We need to evaluate the total cost of finding manufacturers, such as the cost of negotiation time, how many times we have to monitor production, and what measures we should take if the manufacturer breaks its promise? Can they take risks for us?

We should be more cautious when starting a new round of cooperation with our LCD display manufacturers.

Here are six steps to help you find a reliable manufacturer as follows.

1. Understand your needs for LCD screen application scenarios

You can visit some famous B2B websites to search for products if you want to buy small quantities.
If you want to keep a long-term relationship with us, you can find more manufacturers’ information on Google, LinkedIn, or Instagram through Google’s search engine or social media. For example, use “product keywords(TFT LCD display) + manufacturers + countries” and talk to them.
If you want to develop your new products, you should find LCD display manufacturers with engineering development capabilities and LCD display manufacturing experience.
If you desire to develop your new products and quantity buying, I suggest you choose a manufacturer with a long registration time and a dedicated product line. (Especially for electrical and mechanical products.) This sort of selection will give you maximum control and the minimum risk.
Though that diversified classification, manufacturers will understand exactly what you need.

2. Search in google

We could find manufacturers’ information from some reliable B2B websites or popular enterprise directory websites. And Google is the most common and useful tool. You can contact manufacturers on Google and get a quick response. Use “product keywords(TFT LCD display) + manufacturer + country. Clicking directly from the search results and start typing.
Through Google search for manufacturers, we can list a large number of manufacturer data tables, which including company names, contact information, business scale, and scope, etc. Then Google will help you analyze its reliability better. In this way, 3-5 most suitable manufacturers can be selected among those.

3. Detailed investigation of background

Firstly, what we need do is to check the company’s news and what is the LCD display manufacturers’ main product line on its official website?
Is the manufacturer’s product internationally certified? Including ISO9001 / ISO14001 / OEKOTEX100.
Judging whether the manufacturer has high-end devices and technology that can be used for production?
Leave a message on the website and establish contact with the company. This process can be a very helpful experience and it can test the after-sales service of LCD display manufacturers, a good communication experience, which can save us a lot of communication costs in the later stage.

4. Other application cases

A good manufacturer must have some relatively stable customers to cooperate with.
Many companies will put some cases of cooperation with customers on the website to increase the trust of customers. We can browse the past cooperation cases of LCD display manufacturers on the website.
You can check the purchase message on some other famous B2C websites, which is also very important.

5. Whether the manufacturer provides samples

The sample is a small miniature of mass production. We can learn more about the quality, accessories, size, price, and other information about the products through the samples. You need to get samples they make for your products. You may need to purchase a small number of products and test the market, as well as test the manufacturer’s work style and production quality.
In all these processes, not only the quality of the samples but also you will learn more about work efficiency, customer service, and production capacity.
If you know what you want, please let them know your terms and see if they are acceptable.

6. Field visit to the factory

Whether the manufacturer is in China, India, or anywhere, go to the factory in person if possible. It’s different when obtaining information from the LCD display factory or remotely.
Is the LCD display manufacturer very kind to you, such as picking you up from the hotel, and very pleased to share information with you?
Taking a close look at the production line to see if the equipment or personnel are the same as what the LCD display manufacturer told you.

Try to be familiar with the above six 6 steps, I assume that you will find the LCD display manufacturers you need effectively!

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