Mexican company Zacua came to our company for a field trip

On November 25, 2019, Mexican company Zacua came to our company for a field trip.

Zacua is Mexico’s first electric car brand. Zacua promotes the development of environmentally friendly energy in Mexico by designing and producing zero-emission, small, functional, and aesthetically pleasing urban vehicles. Zacua has made positive contributions to technology and environmental protection.


The staff of our company extended a warm welcome to the customers. Company staff accompanied the customer to visit the product line. For the customer detailed introduction of the company’s products, production, service and so on. All kinds of questions raised by customers have been carefully answered by employees. The company staff’s rich professional knowledge, and first-class workability, also left a deep impression on the customer.


During the visit, the client and our employees had an in-depth discussion about STONE’s technology and development.

Our company has nearly 20 years of industry experience. Faced with the progress and development of the market, in 2018, the company comprehensively upgraded the command screen to a new generation of intelligent LCD modules of command + software. STONE intelligent LCD module contains more hardware functions, and STONE Designer(Free GUI Designer TOOL software) is more complex and has more possibilities.

In 2019, according to the market research, our company will soon launch the LCD module of the android system. From a 3.5-inch android screen to a 31.5-inch android screen. There are various sizes and models. Choose one and you can start your project.

In the conference room, the company staff explained several industrial application cases to customers on the spot, mainly including the demo test of the automobile instrument panel and LCD lamp belt control.

After the visit, Zacua was deeply impressed by our company’s advanced technical equipment, orderly production process, strict quality control, and harmonious working atmosphere. Zacua gave full recognition to our company’s products and conducted in-depth discussions on the future cooperation between the two sides. We hope to achieve a complementary win-win and common development in future cooperation projects!

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