Intelligent Display for Energy Project

The STONE intelligent display is widely used in the energy project field such as fuel dispensers, EV chargers, solar systems and etc.
Nowadays more and more fuel dispenser manufacturers are replacing their 7 segments intelligent LCD display with intelligent TFT displays since you can display more information. With the popularity of wireless payment technology, you can use different kinds of RFID systems to collect the payment. And traditional fuel dispenser is difficult to display the necessary information on the STONE intelligent LCD display module.


With the STONE intelligent display module, you can design the interface with much more information than usual. With the TOOLS 2019 GUI design software, you can add data display, data input, status display, and other icons on it. With the RFID system, you can easily build a fuel dispenser with the wireless payment function, which has a greater market for now.


And with the popularity of the electrical vehicle, more and more EV charging stations are setting all around the world. Different from the traditional fuel dispenser, EV charger is always naturally coming with the touch screen controller. You can easily connect the STONE intelligent touch display with any EV charger controller by the UART interface.

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