Digital signage rise is the achievement of outdoor LED large screen or small screen?

Urban modernization is the inevitable pursuit of all urban development, and under the promotion of the tide of social informatization, an important symbol of modern cities in the construction of urban informatization, that is, relying on computer networks as the basis, including the use of a variety of information technology-based modern high-tech development of various types of information resources in the city manager, and the application of computer technology systems for a development, and it is also in this social big background, digital signage with a unified management platform in the modern city is increasingly high, China’s outdoor digital signage has been developed by leaps and bounds.

The demand for urban beautification, The Rise of Outdoor Digital Signage

The human environment is an integral part of the urban environment, and people and commercial activities go hand in hand, especially in modern cities where the more active the commercial activities, the more prosperous the city will be. The rise of outdoor digital signage applications is a product of this.

With the implementation of brightening projects and the night economy, the role of outdoor digital signage has become more and more prominent and the market recognition has increased year by year, while the expansion rate of the outdoor digital signage market has also grown, giving rise to various types of outdoor LED display products and becoming the most mature and widely used field in the industry.

Because it can be based on a unified management platform, outdoor LED displays can not only ensure the standardization and organization of information but also achieve the timing of information to promote, not only to avoid advertising nuisance but also to enhance the efficiency of the dissemination of information. A more critical point is that the outdoor LED display can be updated through software operations to achieve the implementation of information, making up for the disadvantages of posters, billboards, and other hardware that need to be replaced in order to achieve the update of information, to facilitate the update of information also reduces the cost of operation and maintenance, more in line with the concept of green development advocated by modern cities.


Diversified applications, LED outdoor display screens to help cities generate revenue

With the continuous improvement of technology and the maturity of the market application, digital signage has tended to diversify in form and application and has become an information dissemination platform in a broad sense, which will be reflected in the application of modern cities. When properly designed, outdoor advertising can not only add color to the urban environment and highlight the city’s humanistic charm, but also improve the efficiency of the advertising message itself.

Compared with traditional static billboards, today’s outdoor digital signage takes LED large-screen display products as the terminal, incorporating shaped splicing, touch interaction, and other trendy elements, which can carry more creative elements and create a more shocking visual effect. Especially on the building display of large buildings, large digital signage mostly uses LED screens that can be infinitely spliced and without gaps, compared to LCD walls, with high brightness, strong corrosion-resistance, and more advantageous in the construction cost of large areas of oversized LED displays, which are classified as a separate category of application scenarios. Compared to traditional outdoor billboards, LED outdoor display large screens have a stronger visual impact of dynamic images and a higher conversion rate of brand advertising, so in recent years, LED displays are additionally favoured by outdoor end users.

Due to the rapid economic growth, the high degree of perfection of living facilities makes the city more and more densely populated, and the more densely populated the more complicated and interlocking information involved, therefore, to create a stable and harmonious urban living environment, the smooth flow of urban public information has become a rigid demand. With the help of LED display screens, through unified operation, relevant departments can push specific information to the general public in a timely manner, including temporary notices, traffic accidents, extreme weather, hazardous events and other sudden situations, so that people can keep abreast of the progress of things and avoid unnecessary panic and harm. In particular, with the rise of mobile internet, urban digital signage networks can use individual smartphones as push terminals, with both public and private platforms, thus ensuring specific pushing of important information and avoiding the omission of important information.

In addition to the enhanced public benefits, digital signage can also bring tangible commercial benefits. The relevant authorities can set up digital areas specifically in central urban areas or business districts, and rent out large LED display screens to advertisers for time slots, bringing tangible financial income to the city. At the same time, these LED display screens, which incorporate elements of art, architecture, and advertising design, will directly reflect the city’s commercial cultural heritage and become the best interactive platform for investors and city businesses.

According to data released by the relevant agencies, the industry predicts that thanks to the rise of the “night economy” and the new infrastructure policy, the annual growth rate of the outdoor large digital signage market will remain above 10% in the next five years, with market size of more than 27 billion yuan in 2025. 

It is aware of this potentially large market, LED display manufacturers for digital signage investment will be increasingly strong, are actively launched a diverse range of solutions and products to meet the diversified application needs of modern cities.


LED outdoor small screen with the small individual area, but the number of demand is huge

Compared with the LED outdoor screen, LED small screen in the area seems to be much inferior, not only can not give people such as small spacing general high-end, high-tech look and feel, has long been born, the promotion of years of the LED small screen is also easy to let people ignore, but undeniably, in the construction of smart cities, the existence of LED small screen is crucial.

It can be said that the key application areas of LED small screens are non-smart cities, especially in the field of intelligent transportation, traffic guidance screens, in today’s highly developed traffic, its demand has been quite amazing, and the demand for LED light pole screen is unimaginable. In the new energy vehicle charging problem and wireless network and other aspects of the demand, set lighting, charging, WIFI, display, monitoring and other functions in a variety of intelligent light pole demand is strong, and in any area, any project, its demand will also be relatively large. In this way, even if the LED light pole screen area is small, it makes people face up to its market value.

As a form of digital signage, LED light pole screen has remote voice intercom, remote interactive video, remote face recognition, WIFI, weather and environmental monitoring, remote cluster control and other functions, and the display effect is very “intelligent”, can present a full outdoor high brightness, high-definition excellent experience effect. On the other hand, LED light pole screen in the installation is also more convenient than the conventional display, only the assistance of the street lamp pole can be, do not need too much manpower input, coupled with LED light pole screen with synchronous reception, synchronous playback characteristics, so, in the road guidance, road conditions, real-time broadcast, information dissemination, advertising and other aspects of natural advantages, post maintenance is also very simple.

Traffic guidance screen is mainly applied to the scene for the city highway level highway, due to the complex and diverse outdoor environment, outdoor traffic display on the display requirements of its visibility in poor weather clearly display road, traffic and other related information, in with light control and other functions at the same time also need to have high protection, lightning, waterproof and other functions to protect the normal release of information, requires to be able to work 24 hours a day operation, so intelligent Traffic market on the LED display products, stability and service life of the quality requirements are high. And China’s LED display a new generation of surface super-protection technology COB technology, can be from the root of the waterproof moisture-proof sun protection anti-knock, and traffic guidance needs very close, conducive to LED display to increase the penetration rate in the field of outdoor traffic display, and with the LED display awareness, high brightness outdoor display, excellent protection performance, making more and more roads use traffic guidance screen as Display equipment, the market demand for traffic guidance screens is also gradually increasing.

Regardless of which products have a broader outlook, have promoted the development of the industry, pull the growth of demand, not only for small pitch and other high-end products to create greater market space, but also stimulate the combination of face recognition, AR, VR, and other emerging technologies and LED display development, more single and double-color LED display and other traditional products penetrate into the social multi-domain application brings more possibilities. For LED screen enterprises, constantly invest in research and development on product updates and iterations, the integration of new scientific and technological means to build their core competitiveness in order to survive and develop in this fierce competition in the market.

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