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Custom TFT LCD services are made to meet users’ specific needs, which significantly increases productivity and efficiency. Therefore, Custom TFT LCD Display Modules have multiple potential benefits to the clients. The first benefit users get to enjoy is the choice of their display size. custom LCD Display modules vary in size and depending on your needs; you can choose large or smaller TFT LCD sizes. As a user, you are free to select portable displays or large displays that are viewed from far.

Custom TFT LCD display modules are designed to your satisfaction, which helps your brand to stand against competitors. The use of generic displays will not set you apart from the people. Therefore, it is imperative to use custom display modules designed with features unique to you or your business. Using unique features will give you a competitive advantage in a market as your displays will stand out.

The custom displays are operated in parallel as well as in series. These two aspects mean that you are at liberty to control how the monitors display items. In parallel, it means that all the screens will show similar adverts, whereas each screen shows different things in series. STONE’s customer support will help you with the technical know-how of how the two are set.

Using a custom LCD display will lower overhead costs because they are designed to operate in a way that suits your business. Besides, most custom display modules come with basic programs, which save hours of programming and installation, thus saving time and cost of labor.

Custom LCD Display Applications

STONE custom LCD Display modules are used in a number of applications such as automationhome appliancesmedical devices, point of sale (POS), and factory automation products, among others. These LCD Display modules are uniquely designed to accommodate the environment they will be used in. For example, displays used in healthcare could be subjected to extreme temperature, moisture, and vibrations, which means they need to be enhanced with special coatings to improve durability. Therefore, custom LCD Display manufacturers should consider status in critical environments, especially when designing display modules meant for industrial and factory applications.

As STONE, we understand that every market has a unique set of requirements and functions undertaken on a day-to-day basis. Consequently, we have a wide range of customized TFT Display modules aimed to simplify those daily activities, be it personal or industrial applications. Our custom TFT displays differ in on-screen display size, color schemes, screen contrast, and appearance. For instance, some seek LCD Displays for indoor use under artificial light, whereas others might prefer LCD Displays for outdoor applications. Our high brightness TFT LCD Displays are designed to be sunlight readable. Therefore, STONE will customize your LCD depending on where you need to use them in your field. Additionally, STONE’s custom LCD screen modules are designed to offer optimum performance and excellent contrast and color quality for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Customized Services for LCD Display Devices

Our LCD Display devices come in different sizes to suit your diverse needs. They each vary in cost, but they have high quality and effectiveness. All modules are RoHS and CE compliant with extensive graphics and system library functions.

Display Sizes:

1)Display sizes : 3.5″ / 4.3″ / 5″ / 5.6″ / 5.7”/ 7″ / 8″ / 10.1″ / 10.4″ / 12.1″ / 15.1″.

2)Touch Screen:

  • Resistance
  • Capacitive
  • No Touch function

3)Working Temperature:

  • Temp:-20/+70
  • Storage:-30/+85

4) Interface:

  • RS232 port
  • RS422 Port
  • RS485 port
  • TTL port
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth


Our company accepts offers with a minimum of 10,000 MOQ for personal branding.

6) Installation of plastic bezel:

Customized according to customer needs

7)The accessories:

Free for customers

STONE manufacture and provide all kinds of Custom TFT LCD Display Module.

If necessary, you can contact us for detailed communication.

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