No wonder so cheap, after disassembling the cheap LCD screen is shocking!

As the most common display equipment in our daily life, the monitor has been closely related to our work and entertainment. For consumers now, the highest level of attention or 1000 yuan display, but now the display market products and brands are numerous, a lot of products in the name of low-price display banner, but in fact, the quality of display products is not up to standard.


Why sell such a cheap monitor. Violent dismantling of cheap LCD screen after shocking!

When choosing a monitor, we tend to pay too much attention to the parameters of the screen, the understanding of the internal structure of the monitor can be said to know nothing. For many monitor users, it is rare to have the opportunity to disassemble the monitor. Compared with computers, notebooks, and other products, the internal structure of the monitor appears more mysterious.

In fact, the use of material and do manual work inside the monitor display performance and service life have a direct impact, so today through the means of dismantling to everyone see those so-called cheap hot display “inner core” what kind of after all?

Because now the heat of the e-sports display is very high, many do not have the performance and parameters of the display e-sports and low double banner to deceive consumers, improve sales, so the author also wants to remind the majority of consumers in the purchase to pay more attention to these points, to avoid being cheated.

Some of the false claims about the cheap LCD screen monitors are simply disgusting.

Steps to remove the LCD display monitors

1. We first opened Amazon, searched for cheap monitors, and selected a low-price display with good sales volume from low to high price.

What is the profit point behind its LCD low price?

First of all, the first step is to remove the frame of the display. Here we need to say that many people do not easily remove the display by themselves, because the frame of many displays is better sealed. In the process of dismantling, it is easy to damage the buckle and cause irreversible damage.


When we opened the back cover, we found that the inside of the display was very shabby. A large area of space was empty, and a small, infinitesimal PCB was placed under it. Is this what we have always wanted to see inside the display?


The crude interior of the cheap LCD screen

Below is a picture of the inside of the Samsung display that we have dismantled before. By comparison, we can clearly see the difference in the workmanship and materials used between the two. The jail-cutting phenomenon in the picture above is very obvious.


The interior work of Samsung LCD displays

After looking at the internal structure, let’s take a look at the gap between the main control circuit board. A cheap display IC circuit board design is very simple, many components are fixed with hot melt glue, and the solder joints on the circuit board are very rough poor womanliness. Compared with the Samsung display molding, components arranged neatly for the circuit board, such workmanship is indeed very pit, simply can not guarantee the service life of the display.

2. Test the cheap LCD monitor

The image below shows the monitor. I had worked in a computer company for many years the computer test, this belongs to the screen light-leaking before assembly will be selected, it belongs to the unqualified products, but the company also spent money, after all, so will use all the products selected defective assembling, made “machine” sales promotion, the price of the advantage of this machine is very low, often 100 yuan, the Sale price is likely to be 10 yuan, after the department of the “repair”, is not hard to find professional and technical personnel, such as poor deformation, the distance between the two parts, different color, light-leaking, screen impurities, scratches (by coating treatment is generally not easy to find, after a long time away you’ll think is their careless); Laptops, for example, are particularly concerned about appearance and can use alcohol to wipe the case.



3. The display panel information is difficult to query

Then I checked the Internet for information about the panel used on these cheapest monitors. Searches the major panel inquiry website, can not find the detailed information of this panel, it can be seen that this panel is not produced by the mainstream panel manufacturers, the quality is suspicious. And the information on the label is very simple and provides very little information.

4. Test the data on this cheap LCD screen panel with tools

The color gamut coverage is too low


Poor color uniformity


The color temperature is too warm


Color reducibility is general


Do you still dare to use such a low-price LCD monitor of data?

After looking at the above series of data, we can also know the quality of this panel. Through the data, we can determine that this panel is produced by an unknown small OEM, and the quality cannot be guaranteed at all. From the materials used to build the interior to the panel selection, it’s easy to see what’s still profitable behind its low price LCD. Through the actual dismantling, the method revealed the cheap LCD screen jerry-building, quality control is not a good phenomenon. Through this dismantling comparison, we also see the gap between the brand manufacturer’s monitor and the unknown manufacturer’s monitor in the work and the material, and those unknown brands of the bottom screen have no actual after-sales service, once the product is bought out of the problem, the final is cheated by the consumer. So in also want to remind the majority of consumers in the purchase of display to consider, do not because of cheap LCD screen price and bring more trouble to their own.

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