How to assemble LCD module correctly?

Do you know what should be paid attention to when assembling LCD modules?


Now: TFT LCD module assembly operation should pay attention to the place

  1. The LCD module is carefully designed and assembled, please do not process or repair it by yourself;
  2. The outer frame shall not be twisted or disassembled at will;
  3. Don’t modify the shape of the PCB board, assembly hole, circuit, and components;
  4. LCD module with iron frame, do not remove or modify the conductive tape;
  5. Do not modify any internal supports;
  6. Do not touch, break, bend or twist the module.

After the assembly of the TFT LCD module should pay attention to when using

  1. When the module is used to access power and disconnect power, it must follow the sequence shown in the figure. That is, the signal level must be input in the positive power supply (5± 0.25v). If the signal level is input before or after the stable power supply is connected, the integrated circuit in the module will be damaged and the module will be damaged.
  2. Adjust the contrast, Angle of view, temperature, voltage, and other parameters to the best value. If the setting is too high, not only will affect the display, but also affect the life of the display device.
  3. When the lower limit of the specified operating temperature range is used, the response is slow. When the upper limit of the specified operating temperature range is used, the whole display surface will become black, which is not damaged, restore the temperature range, and can return to normal.
  4. Press hard on the display part, it will produce an abnormal display. As long as the power is cut off, it can be restored by connecting again.
  5. When the surface of the LCD display device or module is fogged, do not turn on the power, because it will have a chemical reaction of the electrode, resulting in a broken wire.
  6. When used in sunlight and strong light for a long time, the part covered will produce a residual image.
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