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Medical display HMI solutions

Medical product design cycles can take longer due to the industry's stringent certification requirements. It is critical to have a reliable touch screen display manufacturer to support you throughout the process.

STONE ensures the durability and high performance of our medical touch screen display solutions. Our custom designs are internally tuned for application-specific performance in medical environments.

Our solution capabilities include

  • Medical gloves allowed
  • Physiological saline and other fluids do not affect the screen touch function
  • Optical performance (anti-smudge, anti-fingerprint, anti-glare)
  • Readability under different lighting conditions
  • Ruggedness against shocks, scratches, and vibrations
  • Optimization for customized reliability (temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Stable delivery

Maximize the functionality and performance of medical devices with STONE's STWA Type display modules.

Medical-grade human-machine interaction solutions for:

Patient monitoring equipment

Ventilator monitor

Anesthesia monitor

Ultrasound equipment

Surgical instruments

Pulse Oximeter

Blood Glucose Meter


Medical scales

Medical PC


STONE Touch Screen + STM32  ->Medical Ventilator

In this project, we can select the language function to draw the breathing waveform by random number trigger.

When the button is pressed, the MCU detects the press signal and starts to transmit the waveform data to the STVC101WT-01 TFT LCD through the serial port to upload the data command, and then the screen will automatically analyze and display it on the screen by using waveform control. The screen also has an adjustment function, ventilator display parameters, read ventilator waveform, and voice broadcast function.

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Arduino +STONE HMI+MAX30100 to display heart rate

In this project, the STONE STVI070WT-01 is used to display heart rate and blood oxygen data.

The driver chip is already integrated inside the display and there is software for the user to use. The user just needs to add buttons, text boxes and other logic through the designed UI image and then generate a configuration file to download into the display and run it.

The display of STVI070WT-01 communicates with MCU through uart-rs232 signal, which means we need to add a MAX3232 chip to convert RS232 signal to TTL signal so that it can communicate with Arduino MCU.

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